Question about traditional vocations?

Hey all. I had a quick question. I have recently broke ties with the SSPX and am no longer discerning or so much as considering a vocation with them. I am curious though, if I were to pursue a vocation with the Fraternity of St. Peter, which I felt called to before my SSPX stint, would I be viewed as a modernist for accepting Humanae Dignitatis and Nostrae Atatae? I know they accept Vatican II, I guess I'm just scared that I could be walking into SSPX-lite... I'm not posting this in the trad forum because I don't want it to become an sspx debate... Thanks guys!


I don't know much about Humanae Dignitatis and Nostrae Atatae, but it seems to me that the FSSP accept everything in and after Vatican II, they just celebrate the EF Mass

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