Question about tuition for teachers at Catholic schools?


I have heard various claims that teachers at schools in a diocese receive free tuition for their children at schools in the diocese.

I have also heard that this applies to staff in general (admins, etc.). I am trying to get the straight truth, but google so far has been very difficult to navigate in finding answers.

I was wondering if anyone knew if this was different diocese to diocese (I am in the Archdiocese of Baltimore), or if there were rules that applied across the board? And what about schools that are Catholic, but non-diocesan?

I am beginning to plan (and contribute to) my educational budget, and weighing homeschooling options versus private Catholic education, and have heard a lot of conflicting stories. I obviously don’t want to plan a budget around rumors or things that end up being false.

At this point, I am only engaged and have no children, but the cost is something I’d like to address now.

Thanks very much for the help! :slight_smile:


I think it depends on the diocese and the school…
In our diocese tuition rates are extremely variable… and the school’s parish has the ability to give scholarships/financial aid on a case-by-case basis…

Talk to the schools directly… you’ll get the most accurate info that way. :thumbsup:


I really think it varies.

I teach at a regional Catholic HS - which means it is supported by the archdiocese directly. My children go to this school for free (they could go to any other regional HS also if were closer). I would have to pay if they went to a private, Catholic high school. I paid full rates for grade school tuition. I “think” grade school teachers get free grade school tuition and a partial ($500?) towards high school but can not verify that from personal experience.

Don’t know how much that helps.



Call the school and ask. These policies are set locally.


It is interesing to note that colleges too offer free tuition for children of their employees. I had several friends who went free to college because their parents worked there in some capacity. Another friend took a job at a local college so her daughter could go for free. Of course they had to first get into the school.

Our parish has a HS and children of teachers and parish workers go for free. The secretary in our CCD office has two kids in the school.


I once made an offer to a Catholic school to “do” their entire tech work and curriculum for tuition. I was told I couldn’t do that because it would still be considered “payment” and therefore taxable, and they couldn’t calculate tax on the tuition. I replied that was silly, it was easy to figure out with tax tables from the IRS and the state.

I know at the school of which I am “of late”, full time teachers who were not parishoners received one tuition, while those who were parishoners were expected to pay the full rate in addition to envelope contributions. I later found out the principal gave the non-parishoner teachers a bigger break than those teachers who were parishoners, and in effect paying for the children of their colleagues to go to school on top of parishoner price tuition. It was not why I left, but it did make me unhappy to find this out.

It boils down not only a matter of diocese policy, but local policy. Call and ask. Better yet, email and ask.


I doubt it. I know someone who is the exec director of a school and he pays tuition just like everyone else. When his kids get to high school, his wife will probably have to work in order to keep the kids in Catholic schools.


You have to call the school, because it is up to each individual school. At our Catholic elementary school, it is a direct percentage of of your working time there - A 50% (half time) employee gets 25% off tuition. A full time (100%) employee gets 50% off.

At my kids’ Catholic high school, it is 10% off total tuition bill for every year worked there. So my friend who has worked there for 20 years is able to send his children for free. My other friend who has just started there this year will be able to take 10% off next year after he has a year under his belt.


Thank you all for the very informative answers. I’ll do my homework, and start saving for education regardless of the answers I receive.

Also, I’ll check back and post info I find over time in case anyone is curious about local policies.


it is certainly not true in this diocese. most of the Catholic school teachers in our school send their kids to CCD because they cannot afford the tuition. Why not simply call the diocesan education office and ask about the policy for schools in your diocese? you might also look for parishes in your diocese that have a vibrant tithing program, because this usually means they can subsidize the school to the extent that tuition for parishioners is very low.


My children got half-tuition while I taught at their school. It was definitely worth it, and ten times better than homeschooling.


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