Question about vampires

Okay, since there seems to be a growing of vampire-based literature around, I just have to ask a few questions:
One: Do vampires really exist- Is there any historical support for actual vampirical existence, or are they just mythical creatures?
Two: If vampires do exist, are they a ‘race’, or persons associated with a demonic cult or possessed by demons?
Three: Has the Church, at any time, persecuted ‘vampires’? It seems to be a common idea when vampires in literature cross paths with the Church.

I don’t think vampires exist. Nonetheless, I will certainly watch the topic for updates. :popcorn:

vampires are irish, they all descended from a man who lived in this house and released them on the world in 1897.

You should probably check this out to answer your question;

You could also try this:

There are no vampires.

There is life, and there is death, but no-one in between.

The Church has no position on vampires, zombies or the like. Those are just ancient superstition made into modern pop culture.

Blessed Lent and ICXC NIKA.


i guess Satan can manifest himself in whatever form he wishes to take on. its a sad state of our world when vampires and zombies get more attention than God, especially with our young people.

God created angels (or fallen angels known as demons) and humans.
There is no such thing as vampires, the bogey-man or the toothfairy etc.

The vampire myth started when, in 1987, Bram Stoker Dracula released the gothic horror novel Dracula. Interestingly, Bram Stoker based his vampire character Count Dracula on a real life historical person known as Vlad the Impaler, who is one of the most evil person in the history of mankind.


Here’s another Irish vampire for you from a favourite comic of mine:-

Yes we are real, ManInTraining. And that garlic you hang around your bed at night will not protect you.

Vampires aren’t real

But nevertheless they can make some tasty cereal

Somehow I knew both of these would happen. Someone mentioning Vlad the Impaler, and one of my fellow vampires revealing himself.

Oh, and for the record, NO, we do NOT sparkle, so stop asking

There is a form of mental illness known as vampirism where the people suffering from this disease feel the compulsion to drink blood, but no, they don’t have hollow fangs, aren’t immortal, etc.

Rather disturbing.

Mathematical fact as to why vampires cannot be real:

Assume that a vampire can go only 1 week without feeding off human blood. Suppose each victim too becomes a vampire. If we start off with 1 vampire, after 1 week we will have a second. The next week goes by, we now have 4. Another week, another 4 to make 8 total. Keep on going until you hit the 33rd week and every single person on the planet is a vampire.

Even if you said a 25% infection rate was a more accurate figure than the 100% infection rate I give, you still have to deal with the dead victims (rather than the undead victims), which does not actually change the figures–that is, vampires cannot drink blood of vampires or of the dead.

Isn’t it obvious? We have blood substitutes. :shrug:

Vampire lore (at least as we know it, the ancient Mesopotamians had a vampire-like entities in their folk lore) started in the 18th century. They could not possibly have created blood substitutes 300 years ago.

There are varieties of angel, there are demons and there are hints of other tricks of the enemy which are anthropomorphic, that may look more like bona fide angels than monsters and perform miracles rather than drinking people. The appearance of them would be a super bad portent though - shockingly bad romance novels would probably be the least of our worries.

Nothing like vampires exists as far as I’m aware beyond that.

He is much maligned but actually genuinely misunderstood, you know. Really.

1987, wow, I had no idea my fellow countryman Bram lived so recently :slight_smile: Maybe this is an alternat timeline like that classic mirror universe episode of the the original Star Trek series.

Vlad’s reputation varies from nation to nation, his campaigns agains the Ottomans mean he has a positive image in some places that were historically threatened by that empire.

That’s just what we want you to think :rolleyes:

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