Question about Vetitum from Annulment


I was married to a Catholic and we were divorced and she pursued and was granted an annulment of our marriage. I was not Catholic so I didn’t pay much attention to it but I am now going through the conversion process and I noticed our annulment paperwork from the Archdiocese of Los Angeles has the following condition for re-marriage in the Chruch:

A vetitum has peen placed on me (the Respondent). The next paragraph reads, “Priest preparing the respondent for a proposed new marriage is required to follow the guidelines published by the Office of Family Life (2/8/89) entitled: Marriage Preparation Subsequent to Annulment Cases. See conditions therein for a R#2 vetitum.”

I cannot find out anything about what a “R#2 vetitum” is or anything on it. Does anyone know what this is or where I can find out about it? Thanks!


A vetitum is a monition that any priest who prepares you for a future marriage must provide additional preparation, which may include the asking of additional questions, etc., to be sure that a situation is not repeated. This may relate to your non-Catholic background at the time, and a possible concern that you fully understand Catholic teaching prior to attempting marriage again. That particular example is only speculation on my part, and it could be related to something else. But any priest preparing you must consult what apparently is some governing document that the archdiocese has created, to assist in marriage preparation. Ask your priest about the document and that specific number within it. Not to worry.


Even though I wrote annulment decisions for the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, I couldn’t tell you what Vetitum R-2 refers to. However, if you have questions about it, simply discuss with a pastor in the Archdiocese or call up the Tribunal. The type of vetitum it is will depend on what the grounds were and what the concerns of the Tribunal were at the time the decision was made. Good luck and welcome to the Church! :thumbsup:


I guess I should have put the grounds down too. The grounds of the annulment was DEFECT OF CONSENT. Maybe she claimed some conflict with my previous religion (Nazarene) but I really have no idea what she told them.


Well, I hope your conversion process goes well.


Defect of consent means that one or both parties were unable to give the true (i.e., truly informed) consent that is required to enter into a Catholic sacramental marriage. There are any number of possible reasons for this, and they are discussed in canons 1095-1107 of the Code of Canon Law.


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