Question about Vetitum from Annulment

I have received an annnulment with a Vetitum and after going thoough the process of having it removed as requested it was again imposed on me, saying i cannot get married in the catholic church, Is this the final decision? can I ever get married in the church or is there something else need? I was given no answer what further to do> Can it still be lifted?
jCan I take this further up the ladder to the Bishop?


I am sure that you can discuss this prohibition with your pastor and bishop. Depending on what the issue is, they can probably refer you to other professionals.

Discussed here by canon lawyer Dr. Ed Peters:
“Annulment Granted? Expect More than a Simple ‘Yes’ or ‘No’”

What in the world is a Vetitum??!!

Read the link I posted. It is a prohibition on future marriages issued by the Diocesan marriage tribunal. It usually relates to the problem that caused the nullity of the first marriage.

Link appears to be broken.

They can do that??!!!

It worked for me.

The link worked for me too. I thought it meant a permanent ban, but it is not.


Think of it this way: part of the process of contracting marriage involves sitting down with a priest or deacon and going through the pre-marital interview. If, in the course of the interview, the cleric discovers the presence of a condition that would result in a marriage that would not be valid, then he must inform the couple of the issue and discuss the best way to proceed.

A vetitum is the tribunal’s way of identifying – to any cleric who might be part of a future marriage prep process – that a condition existed that made a prior attempt at marriage invalid, and requires him to work his way through that issue so that whatever the problem might have been in the past, it would be dealt with prior to the planned upcoming wedding.

Does that mean that there is no chance of getting married or can there be a change to the tribunal response should they not give you a response on how to proceed further or is it just a done deal?

I didn’t realize it could be permanent. This is the first I ever heard of this Vetitum.
Now I am nervous when I read about other things that can affect an annulment
I am sorry, but I can’t give you any advice.

It can be lifted if conditions change. Best to discuss with one’s priest face to face.

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