Question about watching movies online


Our professor made us to watch a movie which was downloaded from a torrent (maybe I judged rightly). I know that torrent is illegal that’s why I didn’t watch the whole movie, I just watch some parts of it for a while. Our professor wants us to have a reflection paper on that movie. What should I do? Should I just watch it on a third party site or illegal site for it to watch it again?


Would it be possible to get a legal copy?


How do you know it’s illegal? Depending on where in the world you are, a professor using a movie for a purpose such as you describe may well be a permissible fair use.


Tis Bearself got it right. You can watch a movie provided by someone else in its entirety for class. Our Ethics professor had us watch Green Mile, Shawshank Redemption, and Sling Blade. He offered different “movie times” and we went to a classroom.

If it was a Campus Programming Board activity…in the same room, at the same time… then this would have been illegal. But because it was for academic purposes it was 100% fine.

The professor should not be condoning illegal methods even if his use is legal…that’s my only gripe.


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