Question about wedding dress alterations


We’re looking at a used wedding dress. The owner’s receipt says, “D to F is 51 inches”.

Does anyone know what this means? If it’s shoulder to floor, it’s too short. If it’s bust to hem, it’s fine.

I’m thinking F is floor. Not sure what D is.



I do a fair amount of sewing, but I don’t think I’ve seen that. Are you sure it’s a “D”? Usually the measurements given are bust, waist, hips and then maybe the waist to the floor or neckline to the floor.

That’s all I can think of.


The usual term is “Hollow to Hem” which is the base of the neck and includes the fullness of the skirt. I’m not sure what d to f means unless they’re measuring from the decolletage to floor which would be odd. But usual wedding dress is 58" hollow to hem so 51" could very well be that they’ve measured the bottom of the decolletage…who knows.


Can you try it on or ask for clarification of the measurements at least?


She did clarify and we think it may fit!


yay!!! let us know how it goes:thumbsup:**


and what did she say they meant??? I’m dying to know now!


Got the dress - $76.

The owner didn’t know what the abbreviations meant. She was kind enough to take some measurements for us as well as have her 5"9" friend try it on! Our dd is 5"8".


OK, I meant 5’9" and 5’8" :eek: .

We think the bust will need to be taken in, but that shouldn’t be a problem.


Beautiful dress!!! You must be getting so excited mama!


That’s a beautiful dress and $76----wow,what a deal!


Very pretty and what a steal!!!


What a beautiful dress!!! She’ll look just wonderful in t! And the price, wow!


The wedding is 08-08-08 :slight_smile:


Our dd’s wedding is 6-7-8; I guess neither of us will ever forget the anniversary date :slight_smile:

You must be nearly as crazy with wedding details as we are now! Beautiful dress and best wishes to your dd.

God bless!


very pretty!!! What a steal.


That is such a gorgeous dress…and for the price, heck, makes it even prettier :stuck_out_tongue: :thumbsup:


What a lovely dress. Have fun with all your wedding plans…it goes by so quickly.


God does have a sense of humor. In January I said ‘yes’ to finishing out the school year for a teacher having a baby. I start April 7th and finish in mid June. A few weeks later, dd and future sil set the date. I haven’t worked f/t in 20+ years! What a time to start, eh :stuck_out_tongue: .

We’re not too crazy yet. We have the church, the hall (which has a caterer), the dress (hopefully!) and I plan to call the church organist and some DJs this week.

Where are you in planning??


Wow, what a dress! :eek: Those sleeves are really pretty.

And only $76? :thumbsup:

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