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I have been a Wellsfargo user for many many years. However, I recently saw a commercial featuring a Gay couple adopting a child. As a Catholic, am I bound to take my business to a more conservative bank? What are your thoughts? I fear that there are very few companies who do not have ads featuring gay couples, families and other things that go against our faith.
Thoughts on this? Should I close my wellsfargo account?

I’d say you could, but you don’t have to. Think, for instance, if you liked to drink any of several major beers that advertise a lot in the US - a lot of their ads are very insulting and objectifying of women. Are you morally obligated to stop drinking them based on that? (That’s different than not drinking it because frankly, most of them don’t taste very good. ;))

I don’t watch a ton of TV, but I still don’t think there are many companies that feature advertisements like this. Except in a few markets, I think it would be considered too risky.

Personally, I prefer to bank with regional companies that are still FDIC insured. The “big ones” I prefer to avoid, but that’s a matter of their business, not their advertising strategies.

No. There is no such requirement.

The principles to study are those related to material cooperation with evil. From there, you can form your conscience about your patronage of any specific business.

This is really a matter of personal conscience, as long as you’re not directly cooperating in evil (which in this case, you aren’t). It is getting to the point where, if we had to stop buying products and services from companies that support immoral things, we would not be able to buy anything. Most mid-size to large businesses provide contraceptive and abortion services (through their health plans), offer spousal benefits to homosexual couples, give to the political campaigns of questionable or even downright immoral candidates, and so on.

In this case, I doubt Wells Fargo is really pushing an agenda…they probably feel like they need to be ‘inclusive,’ lest they be accused of being ‘hateful.’ That is just a reflection of where society is these days…

God bless.

I’d have to agree.

I doubt that there’s an “agenda” here; it’s a business decision, based on self-interest.

They know that an ad like that will reach a certain group of customers, so they run it.

I agree with all of the previous posts. HOWEVER, my husband and I are also long time Wells Fargo customers with a great deal of money in their bank. After seeing that commercial and looking into their various endorsements, we decided to take our business elsewhere. We are currently in the process of moving to a different bank. We can’t just withdraw our money because we have arranged monthly payments from one of the accounts. It is a slow process. Our savings are already transferred and hopefully soon we will be outta there. :smiley:

I wouldn’t bank at Wells Fargo simply because of their role in the Great Crash.

Go to your local credit union.

I don’t know that any bank is conservative. Most business in America is not conservative. Big business pushes deviancy as much as universities.

I don’t understand why anyone who isn’t very wealthy would use a bank if a credit union is available. I’m a member of several from work and through marriage. In my experience they have better rates, less fees, and better customer service. In the past the rules for membership were more restrictive but these days it is pretty easy to join one.

It’s easy to get carried away with this stuff. Food company shows gay person in commercial - can’t eat that food anymore. Toothpaste company donates to gay organization - can’t use that toothpaste anymore. Bus company has a gay bus driver - can’t ride the bus anymore. Bank has a gay ad - same thing. So pretty soon you can’t do anything or buy anything because it may be associated with gays. You see where I am going with this - it seems ridiculous to me.

Concur. Unfortunately, Wal-Mart, CVS Pharmacy, and Walgreen’s Pharmacy all sell, over the counter, the Plan B (morning after pill) to abort conception. Do we boycott them also?

God Bless and Peace to all.

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