Question about what to say During Confession

I have heard about the Catholic Churches teachings about the topic and:
If someone committed a homosexual act (let’s say twice),and never want to do it again and is in deep regret, in confession do they have to specifically state what they did or just say “I have commited homosexual acts”
Can they say they have commited homosexual acts but would they still be absolved of what they did even if they didn’t say the specific acts?

I don’t think it has to be very specific. “Homosexual act” gets the point across pretty well. But the number of times may need to be given, if the person remembers that.

Sins must be confessed in kind and number, as far as is possible. One is not required to specify physical means that do not change the moral species of an act.

Can. 988 §1. A member of the Christian faithful is obliged to confess in kind and number all grave sins committed after baptism and not yet remitted directly through the keys of the Church nor acknowledged in individual confession, of which the person has knowledge after diligent examination of conscience.

What does it mean by kind?
Thank you!

The moral and theological species of the sin.

It is sufficient to say “homosexual acts” as a way to refer to the species of the sin. The different types of acts in this category all have the same moral species.

I think “homosexual acts” would suffice for the kind. So just that and then “two times” or whatever.

Any more would only be needed if one or the other were married, or had taken a religious vow (e.g. a priest), or if something like rape or incest were involved, for lack of better examples.

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I’m sorry to bother you again, but by saying “I have commited homosexual acts twice” would that fit the rule you just commented? Or would have to be more specific and state what you did?

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That would be sufficient. Don’t load the poor priest anymore than you have to. (The last sentence is just to kid you).

That is enough information, unless something else is involved which affects the gravity of the sin. For example, adult with child.

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