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what is the difference between a bacillica, church, and cathedral?


I’m not sure about a basillica, but a cathedral is the “home church” of the bishop of a diocese. My parish, for instance, is the Cathedral of the Sacred Heart.

But it operates just like a normal parish church, we have a pastor who conducts the regular Sunday Masses–the Bishop just offers Mass on certain occasions like confirmations, ordinations, or some other special Mass…


wow. i feel dumb for mis-spelling about.


A church is any place of worship opened to the public. A cathedral is the church of the bishop of a diocese. A basilica is a church that has been chosen by the Holy See as worthy of special distinction and been awarded the title.This title is usually given to churches that have special historical significance or that have been the destination of pilgrimages for a long time. In Montreal, there is St.Joseph’s basilica (pilgrimages) and Notre-Dame basilica (historical).Mary Queen of the World Cathedral is also a basilica for historical reasons.

It is wrong to call any big church a cathedral. However, in countries where Christianity has existed for a long time, there may be churches that used to be the seat of a bishop, but no longer are. These might continue to be called cathedrals.



Most, if not all, Basilicas in the US are Minor Basilicas.
Then you have Proto Cathedral Basilicas, like St Josephs in Bardstown Ky. It was the first Cathedral west of the Allegeny Mnts. and became a Proto Cathedral after the Louisville became Archdiocese. In 2001, the Vatican recognized St Joseph as a Minor Basilica.


A Cathedral is the church where the Bishop’s “Chair” is. Cathedra meaning chair…the pope may speak “Ex cathedra” from the chair if St Peter, or example.

The term basilica can indicate either the architectural style of a church, or its canonical status.

Architectural style refers to the shape and design features: the typical plan is a parallelogram in which the width is not more than 1/2 of the length and not less than 1/3 of the lenght. There are also columns and ceiling [roof] design elements.

Canonical status references to Basilica, is assigned by formal concession to more important churches. Basilicas in this sense are divided into two classes, the greater or patriarchal, and the lesser, basilicas. Thhis is a designation by church authority o certain churches.


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