Question abt Padre Pio


.Someone told me he turned away women from Penance who weren’t wearing skirts/dressses at least eight inches below the knee. Has anyone heard this before?


I haven’t heard this. But if it’s true, how did he know? He heard confessions,
I believe, within the confessional, and did not see the penitents.


Further, we are talking about a different culture from that in America, and probably going back at least 40 if not 50 or 60 years ago.

Dress, and the issue of modesty is in large part culturally conditioned as well as time conditioned. It is patently unfair to make judgements about the rightness or wrongness of such an issue with that tiype of time and culture gap. Don’t get caught in making any suppositions about what he did or didn’t do, or might have done or not done that may look strange today; nor is it fair to say that if he did that then, it should be followed now. The old phrase “when in Rome, do as the Romans do” has great validity.


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