Question Concerning Promises Made

Hello guys, I’ve been struggling with this one for a long time and I just wanted to ask for your help. So here’s my question, can I disregard having to keep a promise to God if I made that promise out of fear? I also felt like I made those promises in order to bribe God to do something for me, which in a Bible verse that I read is advised against. Couldn’t I do what Proverbs 6:1-5 said when one has become surety for your neighbor, to humble myself and importune my neighbor which in this case is God? In both of those cases, God has answered my prayers, but wouldn’t He have answered my prayers regardless of whether or not I made those promises in the first place? Thanks in advance.

A promise made out of fear is not a sin if “broken.” The same applies to vows. However, a vow carries much more weight and obligation to God. So a promise made out of fear or misunderstanding would be venial. A vow, even with a gun to one’s head, made to God, is still somewhat binding. This is a situation that should be asked of a confessor as you will get various answers here.

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