Question concerning the late Jean Donovan

No offense, but why is the late Jean Donovan often identified as a nun when she technically wasn’t one?

Because “nun” is a colloquial shorthand for any religious sister, even ones who aren’t technically cloistered nuns. She was a Maryknoll Sister, and so was a vowed religious.


I was attracted to this thread by her name.

May she be recognized as a martyr who lived out her faith.

From the page, she wasn’t even a professed sister.

She was a lay-missionary.

Your question is valid

That is not how I read the page.

She was trained in the lay missionary program at Maryknoll, but was not a religious sister. In fact, she had a boyfriend.

By whom?

You don’t say who has misidentified her, so it is difficult to give you any meaningful response.

Maybe the media?

Well, in the link you provided, nowhere is she referred to as a nun…:shrug:

My mistake.

There was a 1983 TV movie called “Choices of the Heart” (not to be confused with the movie about Margaret Sanger with the same name) starring Melissa Gilbert as Jean Donovan.

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