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I was Christmated in prison by an orthodox priest, my question is is it a valid baptism in the Catholic church, I have heard it is and also it is’nt valid, what is the truth?




Baptism and Chrismation by an Orthodox priest are both valid in the Catholic Church. Chrismation is a different name for the Sacrament of Confirmation. It is the same sacrament.


Hello. The sacraments of Baptism and Chrismation (Confirmation) are valid in the Orthodox churches, so if the priest who gave them to you did it according to their own laws, then they are valid for the Catholic Church too. However, it would be a good idea to study the case more in detail. And, in any case, if you want to become part of the Catholic Church you also need to be received into it, with a previous formation.

So my recommendation is that you go to a Catholic parish (I am assuming you are not in prison anymore) and talk to the pastor there. He will be able to help you with all that.


Father, I believe the OP is still incarcerated, but will be released soon and is planning ahead.


Yes, certainly valid.

One caution, though. There are some who simply call themselves “orthodox priests” who are really not that. Just as there are some who call themselves “Catholic” without actually being Catholic.

Therefore, you really should have a Catholic priest look into the matter to see if that priest was indeed a genuine Orthodox priest.


The Baptism and Chrismation should be recorded in the church books of either the parish the prison is situated in or the priest´s own parish. You will need copies of the documents when received into the Catholic Church.


Fr David - not sure about the USA but in the UK priests/clergy serving in the Hospitals and Prison Service have to be approved by their own Hierarchs/ Church authorities.

If he was Chrismated while in prison then he can rest assured that if it was by an Orthodox priest - then that priest was truly Orthodox , thoroughly checked out by the Prison Service and part of his local exarchate/Diocese.


Yes, “by their own authorities.” If said authorities are not, in reality, what they claim, then neither can we trust their priests. For example, a priest of a non-canonical (self-proclaimed) Orthodox jurisdiction were to visit a prison, he would only need to be approved by his own religious body. That does not necessarily mean that the larger (ie canonical) Orthodox Church would recognize him.

Although this is not the OPs situation (he did specify Orthodox): here in the U.S. it’s quite common for self-proclaimed so-called “Catholic” groups to inject themselves into places like prisons, most especially in places where Catholics are in the minority (and therefore the prison authorities won’t know better). A non-Catholic prison administrator might not know (and often does not) that someone claiming to be the “Catholic bishop of such-and-such” is not a real bishop, and not in communion with the Catholic Church. Much less would they know the difference between a genuine, canonical Orthodox bishop, and some self-appointed wannabee.

Which is exactly why I told the OP to have a Catholic priest look into the matter to verify that the priest is a genuine Orthodox priest.


The OP is in the UK , as I understand it from his link to a Monastery in the UK where he has been offered accommodation after his release.


Thanks for the replies

I’m in a psychiatric hospital

Yes he is an Orthodox Priest, he has just been given a monastry and yes he has offered me a room on release.
A Catholic living in a Orthodox monastry is surely another topic for a thread


I have just met a Church of England vicar and she told me that because I was Christened as a baby any other baptism is void as I cannot be baptised twice :thinking:


One valid Trinitarian baptism is all that is required. You do not have to be rebaptized.


But is a Church of England Christening valid as a Baptism in the Catholic Church, I was Christened as a baby therefore I was’nt a believer in Christ.


The vicar is correct, although ‘void’ might not have been the best choice of word. The second ceremony would not be a baptism as you were already baptized, and baptism cannot be repeated


Yes it is. Catholics also baptize infants. Faith is not required for baptism to be efficacious.


He who believes and is baptized will be saved

Does’nt the Bible teach this?


Yes. Those are two separate principles.


How do you mean?


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