Question for a Russian Orthodox

I was wondering if anybody here from our friends from the Russian Orthodox could answer a question that came to me today. In a local newspaper an obituary had a write up about a person who passed away and it was headed “Mitred Archpriest P— W----”. I’m not familiar with the designation of “Mitred Archpriest” is this what all RO priest are called or was this a special designation for this particular person.

Please explain I want to fully understand.


It’s simply an honorific granted for exceptional service to the Church. I wouldn’t know what to compare it to in the Catholic Church. It goes like this.

Mitered Archpriest

Maybe it’s similar to Monsignor (although one of the first things Pope Francis did was abolish the title)…?

who do they think they are senior to?

Thank you Seraphim73.:thumbsup:

We have them, too. In the Eastern Catholic Churches, an archpriest actually helps oversee part of a diocese. A Latin equivalent might be a vicar forane.

The title ‘monsignor’ is strictly honorary. I don’t think the holy father abolished the title of monsignor altogether, but restricted it to age 65 and above.

A mitred archpriest is the highest honorific a Russian non-monastic priest can have. Like an uber-monsignor.

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