question for all faiths about death

This is a question for all faith’s. I really don’t think I can get a correct answer because I don’t believe there is one. But here it is.

Do you think that when we die, and Jesus come’s back again and we walk this earth again that we will be the age we were when we died?

So anotherwards after the world has ended and our soul is reunited, do you think we will all be a certain age, or the age we were when we left this world?

I think you are right, there is not an answer because age is not a Heavenly concept since you are in eternity in Heaven. :shrug:

Concepts of life after death are interesting to contemplate…perhaps even interesting to discuss…but make no real impact to our world and those around us.

While I do believe in an afterlife…it will take care of itself. We are called to have an abundant life in the here and now…we are called to make our world a better place by seeing to the needs of others…it is in doing these things that impact our world. Life after death is an interesting concept…but eternity takes place in the Sacred Now.

Though I cannot give a source, I have always heard that we would be the age of Christ at His death, about 33.

Islam teaches that on the Day of Resurrection, we will be brought back to life at the age we were when we died.

However, the people who will be rewarded with entry into Paradise will be transformed to be 30 or 33 years old and they will stay that way for all of eternity according to the ahadith.

Also, the people of Paradise will be the same size as Adam (pbuh) when he was created i.e. 60 cubits (90 feet) tall.

Hi Hamba…

Can you please provide the hadith source for this, and also the this “same size as Adam”, because we’re talking 70 feet tall… :shrug:

Kindly refer to this link.

Hmmm… interesting question.

I personally think that wherever we go and whatever it’s like, age won’t really matter that much. Age is a thing of the body, maturity is a thing of the soul. An age or ailments that came with out mortal flesh will not even be a factor.

At least one would think so.

You say “all faiths”, but your question is not really relevant to Buddhism. We are almost all reborn after we die and we will be, obviously, a newborn god, human, animal or in hell depending on where we get reborn. We have all had many lives in the past and are likely to have many more lives in the future. We have all died at many different ages in our various lifetimes.

Most Buddhists see Jesus as a Bodhisattva who will have been reborn again to help others many times over.

You question seems to me to be more relevant to the Abrahamic religions than to Dharmic religions.


I don’t see the point in being reborn over and over, rossum. I think people in heaven are goverened by a new set of laws than on earth, namely the law of love, so, while there is no particular reason to believe so, I suppose people may be the age they wish to be, as they will presumably have been all those ages already and God is Good.

Thank-you for your response rossum, but actually as different as our faiths are we have more in common then you may think. I actually agree with you that we are reborn again at death. Maybe not in the same way as you, but as a Catholic we believe that we go through a cleansing period. Now in Baptism we are reborn in the Spirit, and I can’t see why we cannot say at death we are reborn in the spirit. By the cleansing phase that we go through. But again thank-you for your response.

Neither do I. The point of Buddhism is not to be born again and again. When he died for the last time the Buddha was not reborn because he was enlightened.

I think people in heaven are goverened by a new set of laws than on earth, namely the law of love, so, while there is no particular reason to believe so, I suppose people may be the age they wish to be, as they will presumably have been all those ages already and God is Good.

The moral laws in the heavens are the same as the moral laws on earth or anywhere else in the universe. Life in the heavens is long, but not infinite - just like us the gods die eventually.


So how do you stop being born again and again.

Become enlightened, just as the Buddha did. Being reborn just results in more suffering, illness, old age and death. The Buddha taught the path to avoid further suffering by avoiding further rebirth.


How do you become enlightened?

In short:
To avoid all evil, to cultivate good, and to cleanse one’s mind - this is the teaching of the Buddhas.

Dhammapada 14:5
Much of that is already present in Christianity:[list]*]avoid all evil - follow the Ten Commandments.
*]cultivate good - “Love others as you love yourself.”
*]cleanse one’s mind - meditate.[/list]
For Christian meditations I would suggest either the religiously neutral Counting Breaths or the Christian Jesus Prayer.

If you do decide to try either of these meditation techniques then please be aware of Bishop Ware’s warning:"But those who have no personal contact with starets [teacher] may still practice the Prayer without any fear, so long as they do so only for limited periods - initially, for no more than ten or fifteen minutes at a time - and so long as they make no attempt to interfere with the body’s natural rhythms."
For a more detailed explanation of the Buddhist path google the Eightfold Path.


ok thanks, I suppose I was more interested in why the need to be reborn so many times.

I believe GOD establishes an age, to use that term, that we will live out our eternal life. I don’t believe it has anything to do with the aging process we are subjected to now in this life. The aging process and all things that affect us negatively are as a result of sin. With sin out of the equation we will not have mortal bodies. I always wondered how parents that lost their children during child birth or at very young ages would see their children in heaven. Still as children, babies etc? Whatever it is I believe firmly that GOD will give us the ability to know one another.

We are reborn because of our failure to attain enlightenment in previous lives. Many failures lead to many rebirths.


Don’t you learn from previous lives?

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