Question for all protestants

well I don’t think he is going to say any anti- Catholic quotes, and that is not the reason why I ask you, i have been on a couple of services in another church, very similar to that one, and not always they say anti- catholic stuff.

And yet We’ve seen people using Scripture to support opposing teachings too…
So then how do you resolve this?


Interesting question…looking forward to the answers.

This question can maybe use for another Thread but here I come:

What can we do Catholics, Protestants, Lutherans, Baptists etc, to be one like Jesus want?

the latest is gay marriage.Now don’t kill me, Because I will be the first to say I did get this off the internet, And do stand to be corrected.

But it said a Episcopal Church’s Rev Gary Hall is all for it!:shrug:

In the case of gay marriage, it’s more down to the leadership of the Protestant churches adopting progressive reforms to try to stay relevant and attract congregants. Using the example you provided, the Anglican Church is itself a study in chaos. The Archbishop of Canterbury opposes, yet the primate of the Anglican Church of Canada supports, and so you have these internal divisions that are nothing more than spasms in the body of a church in its death throes.

Okay but back to my question. How can the Archbishop of Canterbury have authority over the Anglican Church in Canada?

Anotherwards if I were a Protestant what one would I choose to believe and why?

How can one say his truth better then the other?

I got this one. Go back to the Church that was started by Christ that has the fullness of his truth.

You can only have ONE HOLY CATHOLIC APOSTOLIC church. At least thats what the word of God says.:wink:

The Archbishop of Canterbury is the head of not just the Church of England, but the global Anglican Communion, and the Primate of Canada is the most senior figure within the Anglican Church in this country, and, while wielding some executive powers, is still technically answerable and subordinate to the former. The hierarchy isn’t as official or rigorously enforced as in the Catholic Church, but nevertheless a close comparison would be the most senior Bishops in the United States defying Papal authority on similar matters.

As for who should believe what, that is one of the main issues with Protestantism, in that devolved authority and deferral to lower levels of church bodies for decision-making has resulted in inconsistencies and splits among, and within, Protestant denominations.

So your an expert over infant baptism. Sir, you have to understand that the Catholic Church has baptized infants since the beginning of times. You feel that you know all the answers with your Church but your wrong. The Catholic Church has done it for 2000 yrs and it has been doing it right. If you guys as Evangelicals didn’t try to reinvent the wheel, the World, especially Christians would be better of.

Another one, you guys teach once saved always saved, that goes against scripture. So before you come pointing the finger at the Catholic Church look what you have inside. If I were you I would the Early Church Fathers. They were taught by the Apostles, what they taught, preached, and wrote down is a lot more like Catholic teachings than Evangelicals.

In my opinion there are as many interpretations of God’s word than there are humans on the face of the earth…And to me that is the beauty…None of them are right , only to the one that is doing the interpretating and are convinced in their heart it is right…
That gives all humans an opputunity to have a personal relationship with God while taking personal responsibilty for each of our actions…I love hearing other people’s interpretation and what God means to them…To me, the truth is we are all born from evil sin…No one has authority to proclaim any truth, thats the job and downfall of satan…

Houston we have a problem. According to the Church teaching let me show you of course, I don’t see it.

But let me give you mine against women Priest then you give me yours for woman Priest. Fare enough?:wink:

In Eph 5:32 According to Christ Woman are equal but have different functions. Priesthood is a Male Function.

Christ even goes on to say that the Church is the bride and he is the Bride GROOM!

Now just saying.

Now your turn!:smiley: SHow me where Christ contradicts this in the bible!:wink:

As a Canadian I can say that Canada is becoming more and more Liberal in it’s policies towards homosexuals and abortion, because that’s how the people are.

Let’s face it, any Church that tries to adapt it’s morals for the sake of “whats popular” is going to fall flat on it’s face. Why would one go to Church just to hear what the majority already thinks is right? Sometimes we need to look sin in the face and tell it to get away from us, whether it be homosexuality, sex outside of marriage, abortion, whatever.

1 Corin 11:5. Just saying…

Sorry scripture contradicts you. On the day of Pentecost remember he told the Apostles receive the Holy Spirit.

Go out and Preach and teach the good news.

Your turn. Help me see your opinion better:D Now Christ told us that there is only one truth. :wink: Not many only One. :eek:

Help me I am not seeing it.:smiley:

But bc ppl accept homosexuality, contraception, abortion it does not mean you have to do it. Its like the saying goes. If somebody jumps off the bridge would you do it. They might be your buddy buddy, but he will jump by himself I wont do it.

Remember in the OT were shown the reason why God got mad with the Israelites was bc they were sacrificing their kids to pagan gods. So once again, if society does it does that mean you can go ahead and do it. The answer is no.

1 corin 11:5But every woman who prays or prophesies with her head uncovered dishonors her head–it is the same as having her head shaved.

6For if a woman does not cover her head, she might as well have her hair cut off; but if it is a disgrace for a woman to have her hair cut off or her head shaved, then she should cover her head.

You see, sometimes things were said for a specific period of time, or do you believe women must still cover their heads?

I know, I’m agreeing with you.

But see lets not get side tracked on this. Lets say I go to this Church, what Protestant has the right to tell me that this Church is wrong. See what I am asking?

The best thing we can do is really just what we are doing here…discussing.

One area that I have talked with protestants about is the biblical support for a visible authoritative universal church. This can help them to see that, while there is certainly room for variation, there are things where "agree to disagree’ just doesn’t work - and God gave us a way to resolve these matters. - - - and it is recorded in Scripture.

But - as you say - this is fodder for another thread.


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