Question for all you Wii owners

**So I was wanting to pre-order the Wii Fit. DH and I procrastinated a little too long and now it looks like everyone has stopped doing preorders since they are ‘sold out of them’. :frowning:

Just wondering how many of you Wii owners out there did not procrastinate and jumped at the opportunity to preorder. :blush: I am kinda kickin’ myself in the booty for not ordering it since I was really wanting to get one. Looks like now I will be waiting for months (or however long it takes for them to promise some more in the US). :rolleyes: :shrug: **

I guess I don’t understand “pre-order”…

Santa just went to Wal-Mart at 4AM and got in line. Was early enough to get one.

If you want something while you wait (and I agree, it will probably be awhile), try Boom Blox. It’s not physically edifying like wii fit or wii sports, but it’s a great family game that anyone can enjoy - even the cynical “hardcore” crowd.

As for the whole wii shortage thing…the best option is to find out when the next shipment comes in and “camp out.” It’s the only way anyone got the wii during the first 9-12 months of shortages, and by all estimations, wii fit will probably suffer a similar fate - It’s your best bet to snag a copy during the upcoming months of the “summer gaming drought.”

**Most stores were doing a pre-order thing where you pay a deposit and are guaranteed one…the pre-orders are done due to shortages:( **

My best advice is to call the stores and see if they know when a shipment will be coming in. The trucks arrive overnight, and be there at opening the very next day. I have a wii, and I love it, and I suggested we get one for my elderly housing building, and I called a Target who is going to have a shipment coming in on Saturday night, so 8 AM on Sunday I will be at the store to purchase one.

I also put a deposit down on the Wii Fit, which I am SUUUUUUPER excited about.

Hello everyone, I am DH and I am a procrastinaor! :wave:

Just to clarify, we already have a Wii, we waited to long to get the much anticipated game Wii Fit

:doh2: :blush: (I’m blaming this misread on my floaters!)

Hello MM, and thank you for sharing. :wink:

I didn’t even know you had to pre-order it! :doh2::doh2:


:yup: It is going to be another supply and demand battle for a while.

Actually if you read about it, it is supposed to be a great “game” that you can use as a daily exercise routine. It is pretty complex with the weight tracker, BMI (body mass index) and the such. It should be interesting to get a hold of. Something needs to get me motivated, right? :blush: :shrug:

I never get things as they come out… I wait until I see how they really work from others. I knew I wanted a wii before they came out but we waited a year because they were never in the stores… then we went and waited all night and were 1st in line for a shipment at a local store. Kids had a blast waiting with us…

Anyway, I did not pre-order or stand in line for the Wii fit even though I will probably get one. We just got Guitar hero and I am thinking of getting Dance Dance to add to our collection. So far I think Wii Sports is the bomb!!!

When We decide to get Wii fit… I will call Sam’s, walmart, toys-r-us, Best Buy, and anywhere else and ask when their next shipment is and find the most convenient for me.

If you’re really set on getting something to work out with right now, you can always get Dance, Dance Revolution - it’s not just for kids in arcades :). One of my friends lost about 30 lbs with it. It’s really fun, and I know some of the versions come with a BMI counter, weight, etc - and will calculate the number of calories you burn.

**Thanks for the idea!! :thumbsup: I had no idea that Dance, Dance Rev. had all of those cool features. Never knew it was such a calorie burner, now I am excited to shop for that one too!! :thumbsup: I think my 2 oldest would love it, they both love to ‘dance’.

Thanks for the AWESOME idea about going to Sam’s!! I totally forgot about them!! :doh2: It comes out to stores on Monday the 19th so maybe DH could go there bright and early when they open, right MM??? :wink: **

I know Sam’s does not have Dance Dance yet because I shopped for it this past weekend… just to price them while I was getting guitar hero for step dd… BTW Guitar hero was about $10 cheaper at Sam’s.


Well, we’ve had the PS2 for DDR. Guess it now works on Wii? DS16 uses it for exercise. He really works up a sweat and when he’s out at arcades, he can really pull a crowd! His feet are really coordinated. Now to work on the rest of his body’s contortions.:wink:

I lucked out and happened to be in a wal-mart in a very rural area. I was wandering around the store and saw that they had a few on the shelf.

**You mean the Wii console, not the game Wii Fit, right??:confused: **


Just a tip, and maybe not a great one depending on how big and knowledgable your gaming community is, but I work at a Blockbuster and people don’t think of us very often. It might be easier for you to pick up the game there when it comes out; a lot of people forget that we sell them too.

**Actually, I DID think of Blockbuster yesterday. I tried finding there website but to no avail. So, can you tell us if you will be getting Wii Fit in on Monday?? :confused: :smiley: Come on, it’ll be our secret!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

We have a Blockbuster in our town but will all of them be getting them or only some of them? Our town is only about population 10,000**

Wii Fit is brilliant. I pray you get yours soon.:gopray2:

We got ours last week and I’ve already lost three pounds and reduced my “Wii Fit” age from 50 to 25.

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