Question for Anglicans please

If a Catholic wants to convert to Anglicanism, what do they need to do? The person is baptised and confirmed in the Catholic Church.

Thank you so much for your help.

Show up at the door.


Thank you. But what I meant, was would the person have to repeat their confirmation? Would they be allowed to just start receiving communion?

Probably just have to make their confession and their first Catholic Communion.

Maybe just confession.

Make an appointment with the pastor.

That was what I was attempting to convey. Anglicanism, as has been hinted at here from time to time, comes in many sizes, shapes, and flavors of doctrine; generalizing about it in general is perilous. That said, I know of no Anglican stricture that would not recognize the validity of a valid (in the usual sense) RC baptism, or that would not recognize the validity of a RC confirmation, performed by a RC bishop in apostolic succession. So, subject to the fact that Anglicans are weird, yes, such a convert would be accepted at the rail, without further action. Indeed, the confirmation part would, amongst many Anglicans, be seen as superfluous. Ditto the baptism. A motley crew, those Anglicans.

All the same I’d suggest thinking it over long and hard, before showing up at the door.


Not sure.

Seems like whole entire Anglican parishes are entering the Catholic Church in their entirety, complete with their pastor.

So your friend might unwillingly be transported back to the Catholic Church.

Imagine his surprise.


Yes, you can just begin attending. But to convert, you can ask to be received formally into the Anglican Church. Many times though people do not do this.

Also, while what GKC says is true and Anglicans would normally accept Catholic Sacraments, in some of the newer liturgies it seems that laying on of hands may be a repeatable exercise. So perhaps you could be received by the bishop by laying on of hands.

Odd, but nothing surprises me. Do you know of any for whom laying on of hands (confirmation) would be mandatory?


I can’t imagine as being mandatory for anyone who was Catholic or Orthodox. But for a Lutheran or other Protestant I would think it would make sense. But these days confirmation is something of a sacrament without a purpose as they say.

We recently had confirmations at our parish and had quite a few candidates, including some older adults. Some of the younger girls wore veils, which I think rather shocked the bishop!:smiley:

The question was couched in terms of a RC, whom one assumes was confirmed and baptized in the RCC, in the normal manner, with valid form, matter, intent and minister, thus imparting indelible character.

Sacrament without a purpose, eh? They say that?

Yeah, I’d think long and hard.


I thought that was what you mean, but I wasn’t sure, so I thought I’d cover all the bases.

Some people feel that the Anglican Church no longer has a very clear understanding of why it wants confirmation, or what it is supposed to do, beyond baptism. A lot of people just don’t bother with it at all any more.:frowning: There seems to be a lot of confusion around admittance to communion as well, whether one ought to be confirmed, or we should communicate infants, or what. Lots of ideas about what the early church did, but not much of a coherent theological argument, or even coherent practical argument.

Do you mean you’d think long and hard about being confirmed?

Renounce the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church.

I’d think long and hard about leaving the RCC for what one is most likely to find in Anglicanism, without knowing a great deal about where to look, and why, and what you might find when you did so. Of course, I suppose a lot would depend on what you were willing to accept.


you could still remain catholic and attend an anglican use parish or whatever they are called. why would you want to leave the Catholic church for the Anglican church?
you defnitely need to do some more research i feel.

You have to risk your soul. You have to renounce the One, True, Holy, and Apostolic Church.

Thank you for your help. This has been interesting reading. The last two messages seem to imply that I would have to do something formal to leave the Catholic church? I wasn’t expecting that. Thank you again.

No, I think they were trying to imply that you would have to leave truth and embrace untruth.

Which seems a bit silly, since someone leaving the CC presumably does it because they think it is untrue.:shrug:

I wasn’t implying anything. I said plain as day that to become an Anglican means renouncing the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church. What answer would one possibly expect on a Catholic forum?


Catholics in Communion with Rome, and Eastern Orthodox do not have to be “Confirmed,” since they are already part of the Catholic Tradition. They are “Received” into the Anglican Communion through the laying on of hands by a Bishop–though this is not necessary to take Communion.

However, and this is huge, Catholics in Communion with Rome and (I think, Eastern Orthodox, as well??) do not feel the same way about Anglicans Catholics, and are actually forbidden to partake of the Eucharist within the Anglican Communion. They claim our orders are invalid. Of course, we disagree. :wink:

I would certainly not abandon Catholicism without counseling from your Priest and/or other Catholics you trust; and a great deal of prayer and consideration.


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