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Just out of curiosity why don’t Anglo Catholics who are unhappy with the Episcopal church and the many who have left it become members of the Antiochian Orthodox Church, Western Rite?

I have noticed on the forums that some Anglo Catholics don’t want to accept the papacy, nor other doctrines of the Catholic Church. The Orthodox reject the papacy and the Immaculate Conception and other doctrines of the Catholic Church, which appears to be more in line with what some Anglo Catholics accept.

I would think that the answer would be the Antiochian Orthodox Church with a western liturgy. It appears that at least some of the liturgies used are from the Book of Common Prayer with some additions.

This would solve the problem of Catholics and some Orthodox (I don’t know what the Orthodox position is on Anglican orders) questioning Apostolic Succession in their churches.

I am sure that it is not the answer for some, but it seems like it would be a solution for many of them and prevent more and more new continuing Anglican churches who are not in communion with one another from forming.

I know that in my former Episcopal church that some members did become Antiochian Orthodox and when I attended their liturgy, most of it was from the Book of Common Prayer.

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Many such have done precisely that. One of the former bishops of my diocese, for example.


Anglicanus Catholicus

If you do not mind my asking GKC what has it been that has prevented you from doing so?

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The WRO Liturgy based on the Book of Common Prayer is sometimes called The Divine Liturgy of St. Tikhon.

I’m a former Episcopalian and tried celebrating it, and found it awfully lumpy (for lack of a better word). Since this is a post-reformation rite designed to espress the Real Absence of Christ from the Eucharist, heavily Romanized, with mere Orthodox trimmings, how could it not be otherwise?

The Liturgy of St. Gregory (basically the Pian Missal in English, Latin, or mixture) does everything the LST does, and much better.

No particular requirement to. I’d hate dropping the filioque, anyway.


Well speaking as “Evangelical Anglo-Catholic” there is one main reason with 39 Parts plus 1

I accept the 39 Articles as the expression of what the Holy Scriptures teach and the historic Books of Common Prayer 1662, 1928 American BCP and the current BCP of the Reformed Episcopal Church.

I had never heard of the Antiochian Orthodox Church before so I Googled it and stumbled on its North American Diocese web-page. The diocese of *North America * :confused: Wow that is quite large. I would hate to be the Bishop over seeing that diocese.

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Heavy travel expenses, no doubt.


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