Question for any out-of-town patients of Dr. Hilgers

I recently moved, and this wil be my first cycle in which I need blood drawn. I received the requisition form, but am wondering where I go to get the blood drawn. Did you just call local hospitals until you found someone who would do it, or how did you handle it? If you are in the Philadelphia or Cincinnati area and have an actual location that you could recommend, that would be great too. (Currently in Philadelphia, soon to be moving again to Cincinnati)

You need to find what’s called a “reference lab” that will draw blood on anyone who has a requisition from a physician. Call any hospital lab and they should be able to tell you where you can find one of these labs. If they can’t tell you, call a family practice clinic in your area. I have worked in a reference lab. As long as you bring along the orders from the doctor with instructions as to where the results need to be called or faxed, you should be fine.

Thanks Theresa. I spoke with someone at Quest Diagnostics and it sounds like they can help.

Prayers for you, Chovy!

(Your FF pal!):smiley:

Quest and LabCorps will both do it.

I think Quest has loose ties with Planned Parenthood, but don’t quote me on that.

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