Question for anyone who's a Marvel comics fan?

I’m somewhat comics fan and would like to ask some comic book related stuff.I would really appreciate if anyone answers my questions but I dont mind if other questions are posted and answered on this thread.Here are questions organised by category.

General question
Does anyone like comic’s current artwork like Gary Frank,Mike Deodato Jr. and Oliver Coipel compared to stuff from the early 90’s like Jim Lee,Todd McFarlane and Rob Liefield?
Would anyone say that Gary Frank’s artwork is photorealistic?
Can anyone name me some photrealistic artists?

DC comics
Does anyone think the presense of other emotion entities other then Parallax has really down played his particular threat level?
Does anyone think that the Endless which are mainly from Vertigo comics should be more involved with the DC universe (it would interesting to see them meet charachter like the Monitor and Antimonitor
Who thinks that if Billy Batson were to become Captain Marvel agian he should be a more flesh out and expanded upon charachter like Black Adam who had a country he ran at point?
Who thinks that Roy Harper relapsing into drugs and joining Slade was a bad idea?

Marvel comics

Is Norman Osborn our of jail after being put there because of the events of the “Siege” storyline?
Does anyone think that “the Void” and Carnage will have big roles in the upcoming "Fear itself storyline?
Does anyone think that low mutant population from house of M should end and if so how do you think it should be solved?
Does anyone think that "Dog from Wolverine:Origin should offically be Sabretooth?.If that became canon then a problem that I would see is explain how Howlett went through a third pregancy without anyone noticing but I guess that can be explained by James(Wolvie) and “Dog” being twins and their birth having taken place in a secret place.
Does anyone think that a Silver Surfer movie would be a good way of introducing people to the cosmic charachters in the Marvel universe?

Thank you very much so for your answers and/or time.

I am a comic fan but I guess I am quite casual compared to you. I don’t really care about any of the issues you brought up. Really the only Character I am really up to date on is Spider-man.

I also like the comic Invincible but that is by another company besides Marvel and DC that I can’t recall the name of.

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