Question for balancing sports schedule and mass

are there any athletes on here besides myself?

doyou travel for sports tournaments. if so, how do you balance mass in?

i usually have ot leave either on thursday or friday, we have games saturday morning until late in the evenint, sunday morning and then we travel home sunday afternoon/evening. schedule sometimes makes it so i can’t attend mass.

i’ve talked to a priest about it and he said to make my best effort and if i can’t, then go to daily mass when i get back. it doesn’t fulfill the obligation but at least shows God that you’re making an effort to a certain extent.

i feel like if i asked 3 different priest though, i would get different answers.

should i just be giving it all up? i’m very confused?

also, it happens about 4 times a year maybe. and some are more flexible than others where i can go.

Listen to the advice of your own pastor. Don’t priest shop for opinions. Once you know you have an out of town tournenemt, go to to find parishes in the tournenemt town or on the way. Call them to find out Mass times (websites aren’t always up to date). If you can make a Mass, great. If you know in advance you can’t make it, ask your pastor for a dispensation before you leave. If you planned to attend and circumstances beyond your control make it impossible, the church does not require us to do the impossible.

For something that may happen 4-6 times a year, you don’t need to give up your sport or travel team. Just do your best.

Up until about a year ago I would have probably had the same concerns about how to juggle mass on a Sunday with a busy routine. About that time a friend of mine told me she still keeps the sabbath holy and will not even do as much as a load of wash on that day.

Then later a priest in the confessional recommended I reflect on the the scripture verse John 14:15 which states, “If you love me, you will keep my commandments,” further confirming my friends thinking.

Just recently I read about Our Lady of LaSalette (France) where our Blessed Mother appeared to two children in 1846 (crying with her head in her hands) asking them to spread her messages. One of her messages to them is to not break the Sabbath. She told them people in their area needed to repent for doing so.

My friend also told me to do an online search for an “Examination of Conscience,” which I did not know what that was at the time. It is list of examples of mortal sins and venial sins. She said her spiritual director told her that he liked the one by St. Ignatius the best. You may want to consider checking into that.

Best wishes.

Check out the movie “Champions of Faith” It’s about Catholic professional baseball players. There is one segment where a team manager (can’t remember which one right now) locates a Catholic church in each town near the Hotel they stay in and goes to mass with several of his players at every away game.

There is likely a church near your away games with an early morning mass (Our church has a 7:00am service, for instance)

It can be done with dedication and perseverance.

By the way, this is a great movie to show to your whole team. Not just about Catholics but about well known sports figures who live their faith.

I realize now that I wasn’t clear on my thoughts about keeping the Sabbath holy. I view it as not supporting others to work on Sunday. If one stays at a hotel or buys food at a concession stand, or pays a bus driver to drive them to another city that is exchanging money on the Sabbath which is not keeping it holy. I personally have a hard time walking into stores or restaurants on a Sunday. It would be different if I knew that they were taking the money they earned that day and giving it to charity.

In my Examination of Conscience booklet, written by Fr. Robert Altier it says that working on a Sunday in a non-essential occupation is a mortal sin. So to shop or spend money on that day in regards to non-essentials is supporting someone else’s mortal sin. It also states that allowing sports or other busy schedules to rule the Sabbath is a venial sin.

May the Lord bless you.

Having a strict physical schedule for over 35 years, working full time plus volunteer and family I may be able to add something. Athletics include daily run 5 to 9 miles, stretching and calisthenics. How am I able to do this?
I am NOT!!!
Nor are you.
Why are you (and I) chosen for blessings?!! Could have been another person [with more gratitude]. It is critical to thank God for ALL your incredible abilities as He chose you! Not everyone has your gifts dear CF friend, and who gave them to you? Where would you be without your physical blessings? What if you could not partake in your blessed sport? where would you be, where would you be.
As only human I cannot imagine giving anyone a forever gift that sets them a step above… without receiving any thanks ~ remember the pain of Christ when Thanks and Adoration are not His for all He has given us ~ HE PAID FORWARD. Make His suffering count. Thank God. Thanks be to God, Glory to God.

I attend Mass every day including Sunday. Schedule athletics around all area churches ~ GOOGLE churches/schedules when traveling ~ know by heart the schedules of almost every church in five miles of where ever YOU are to be sure never miss your thanks and praise.
When you realize HIS suffering so you can be an athlete you will have no problem with the problem… the joy…of fitting your athletics around HIM.
God Bless who you are and who you are NOT. Love, love and blessings.:slight_smile:

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