Question for Bible-Only Christians

If ALL evidence of the Bible were to suddenly disappear today, would Christianity suddenly cease to exist? Would God be dead?

If not, how would the faith carry on without **a single **line from the Bible in print anywhere?

Even without Bible, we have holy spirit right !!! Bible is God’s words, the foundation of our spiritual walk…phew…lucky never disappear

actually, the pillar and FOUNDATION of the Truth, is the church of the living God 1 tim 3:13-15

A common misconception by non catholics is that the Bible is the foundation of the Truth.

so you are the one with the Holy Spirit? You are infallible then?

the Holy Spirit is God Himself, and therefore cannot misdirect you if you have Him.

So you claim to be infallible in your interpretation of scripture?

The Holy Spirit wrote the scriptures through men, and since you claim you have the Holy Spirit, you are saying that you could rewrite the entire Bible by the power of the Holy Spirit guiding you?

The church is home to all Christ believers, God appointed teacher to help us with our walk at home, however he understands that without a guide, nothing will works. That’s why he first given us a home then a bread (words) to lead us. Bible don’t appeared from heaven from nothing. It is essential not to under estimate the importance of a bible.

Or the Church…

God bless

Na, I didn’t mention I’m the one who has Holy Spirit. Everyone who believes in Christ will have Holy Spirit as their helper. I am not infallible, otherwise I don’t need God.

On the other hand, I didn’t mention I am infallible in my interpretation of scripture. Never in my life did I interpret scripture to others where I don’t even have the right to do so. Only those who were appointed by God can have the privilege.

Holy Spirit helps us to understand, digest the bible during mediation and not interpreting it on our own. Interpreting bible for teaching and preaching is meant for teacher not members.

Therefore are you saying that, you as a believer do not have Holy Spirit who dwells in you but only dwells in your church?

Then why do Catholics quote scripture from the King James Bible in their sermons, etc.? If the “misconception” IS "that the Bible IS not the foundation of Truth, why use it at all for mass or any other Catholic ritual? You see, I don’t use Catholic teachings in my sermons, therefore, no misconception on my part as a non-catholic. Right?


Hi Roman

Thanks for the verification…am just trying to explain, apart from church our home, bible is also important. No way we can justify that church is more important over bible or vice verse. Both are comparable important

I dont know of any RCC’s reading the KJV during Mass. The RCC uses both Scripture and Tradition during Mass. If the RCC used the KJV it would be missing some books and therefore not be complete.:banghead:

I guess what Gonefishin was saying, if Church is more important then bible then why would there be reading and homily preaching during Mass ? As what Justinthemartyr mentioned, church is the foundation of truth!! Then why do catholic still needs bible? By any means, the mass can go without scripture reading and homily preaching. just the tradition and Eucharist will do.
Therefore I wanted to re-emphasize again. That church and bible cannot go without one another, both equally important.

That is not what I said, what I said is that the RCC uses BOTH Scripture and Tradition, and using the KJV bible will not work for us because it is not complete. Scripture and Tradition are both important, one compliments the other. In the historical view the Church came before Scripture so there is where Tradition came from. The Bible is necessary to have documentation of written word of God, maybe some other’s can help me explain more clearly. But yes we all still need the Bible, even Catholics…remember the Bible is a Catholic Book:thumbsup:

Actually, there are three elements of equal importance, Scripture, Tradition, and the Magisterium.

An example of this is the Catechism of the Catholic Church. The CCC is one way Church interprets Scripture and teaches that interpretation to the people. The CCC cannot exist without Scripture and Scripture cannot make sense to the average reader without the CCC.

The reason why I asked this question is because I wonder how many Bible-only Christians who totally reject the idea of oral tradition really think about how the first Christians evangelized without Bibles and about 90% illiteracy among the people.

The early church didn’t have a bible. At least, not the New Testament. When the gospels were written, as well as the letters, there would only be the one copy which was then passed around. I grew up baptist, and they had a thing about memorizing scripture. There’s a lot to be said about that. :wink:

If God allowed this to happen then I suppose it was part of His plan.
Since He is sovereign, I trust He would still get His point across.:thumbsup:

No worries here:thumbsup: I totally trust God would take care of the situation.:smiley:

Justin, 1 Timothy says the church is** A** pilar and buttress of the truth. Not THE pilar and buttress of the truth or the only pilar and buttress of truth.

Enoch what I will submit to you is that the teachings mirror scripture. Please tell me what was taught orally that we don’t find in scripture? And please don’t give me the Trinity.

Also if the oral teachings were so clear then why did so many letters get written to re-clarify what was taught? Did the letters contradict what was taught orally, or the did the oral contradict the written?? Answer: neither. They matched.

One of the Catechisms of the RCC regarding the sinless nature of Mary states that through the centuries the church has become more aware that her grace meant from the time of conception she was preserved from the stain of sin. This shows that this teaching wasn’t passed down right away otherwise it wouldn’t have taken centuries to figure out. It’s also completely based on the word Kecharitomene. So then one would have to assume without any Bible this would never be known.


If every copy of the Bible were to vanish in an instant, all you would have to do is gather up 100 grey-bearded old Jews in big black hats from Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Sit 'em down in a room, and in a few days they could recreate the O.T. from memory in Hebrew.

Then you could put a bunch of Southern Baptists and Scott Hahn together in a room and they could cough up the New Testament verbatim in 4 different English translations.

I suppose some of those monks on Mount Athos could piece the Greek NT together in the same way without too much trouble. My NT Professor, of blessed memory, could have done it all by himself.

Many Christians have memorized large parts of the Bible. We would only need to get together to recover it in written form.

Yeah. But it’s possible we could lose the first 9 chapters of I Chronicles.

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