Question for Catholic Anime fans: Elfen Lied?

I’ve been told it’s a great anime but after reading online it seems very, very sktechy. Should I go ahead and watch it or probably not?

I thought it was awful. I dont understand why people like it. I think its the same reason people like horror movies, which I understand in an intellectual manner but not personal, they are simply perverted. It is ridiculously violent. I dont mind violence if it has a point(think ‘Saving Pvt Ryan’). In this its just gore for gore’s sake. The girl in the story is not sympathetic at all. She goes on a killing spree because some kids tortured a dog. And after that she just kills everything in sight with her multiple invisible arm super power(yeah you read that right…). I mean thats cruel and all but; animal-human, I mean did PETA write an anime or something? “Bad people for hurting animals! KILL THEM ALL!”

Its a piece of garbage. I regret having ever watched it. Anime like the rest of the entertainment industry is really lame right now. Music is just **** compared to the '90s, and movies and anime are pretty much the same(though not as bad. I can find a movie thats decent here and there but music right now is AWFUL) with a few exceptions.

If youd like a few (and I mean few) solid recommendations for something new just IM me.
Im pretty critical, so If I like it, you will probably find at least something redeeming about it.

haha! Yeah, I watched the first episode and I usually give up after 5 just to give the show a chance. But the first episode was kinda just… as you say, violent for no reason, it seemed quite strange and not something I as a Catholic want to watch.

At the moment I am loving One Piece, getting through Death Note [despite you know what happening that kinda ruined the flow], getting through Samurai Champloo.

Contemplating starting one or more of these sometime this week:

Code Geass
Ninja Scroll
Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagaan
Seal Eater
Ghost in the shell

edit: Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood I watched, was fantastic. And I gave up on Bleach after ~250 episodes because it got kinda same-y

Ehhh… It’s called a breaking point. Already unstable, abused, neglected girl has her only real companion bludgeoned to death by little freaks.

Although… I don’t know, the whole human-animal thing you people bring up reeeeaaaallly bugs me sometimes. YES, a persons life would take priority over an animal… That doesn’t mean it’s just peachy for an animal to be horribly abused and killed in a terrible way.
Little boys that bludgeon puppies to death? Heeeellloooo sociopathic tendencies. People like that don’t feel any real emotions.

Was the point in that scene about how animal cruelty? No, it was about how people are cruel, and pushed Lucy to a breaking point. And seeing as she couldn’t really control the vectors all that well to begin with? Meh.

NOW, that being said… Elfen Lied is a awful series, and a shallow story. Lucy is a cardboard character that is, shall we say… psuedo-deep. Anything I said earlier? Yeah. That all only really applies to what the writers WANTED people to think about Lucy… And how Lucy could have been, had they actually TRIED.

But they didn’t. Elfen Lied was a silly little series that tried to be deep, and wound up having a cast of bad characters… And yet, everytime I see it, I cry over how good it COULD have been. There were plenty of characters that I liked, but they weren’t developed at all. Infact, none of the cahracters were, because there were too many at once. And kouta and his cousin? Goodness, I hated them. Most annoying characters ever.

Lucy, Mariko, Mayu, Nana? Ohh, they all had SUCH potential to be developed, and well written. And Elfed Lied was filled with plenty of good ideas… They just weren’t put to any good use, and they all fell flat on their faces. Oh, and the manga? Let’s not even start on how the artist can’t draw or write to save his life, and it’s all just ecchi ****.

Meh. Elfen Lied could have been good, and I enjoy what the character COULD have been.

Oh, and btw… Nothing is reeeaaaally that bad nowadays. Take off your nostalgia goggles, man. :wink:
You have to search through piles of dirt to find gems today, just like you did ten years ago. Not to mention that Elfen Lied is… Let’s seeee, the manga started in 2002 I think. So it’s really not new or anything. Just old, and bad.

My opinion on the series is… Don’t avoid it for the content, avoid for the LACK of content.

Code Geass is fantastic… avoid Naruto… Gurren Lagann is good, but note that it is really an homage to mecha anime… And while having it’s dramatic qualities, it is in all other ways absurd and nonsensical… D-Grayman, the manga at least, was great at first, but I feel it’s been dragging… Soul Eater is okay from what I’ve seen. It’s not a nice atmosphere, but Black Star is OBNOXIOUS.

Aaaaand Ghost in the Shell… Hmm, I’ve only seen the original film, and while the animation is gooorgeous, the story itself felt very overrated to me. Buuut that’s just me.


How is One Piece? I’m interested in it but I’m intimidated by the nearly 500 episode count. Looking for something new to try. Just finished El Cazador de la Bruja, The Tower of Druaga - The Aegis of Uruk, Murder Princess, and Sword of the Stranger.

Yeah if you like war tragedy the likes of Gundam always popularize.

Hey, OUCH!!! Seriously, let the man give it a chance.
Naruto is what I’d call a late bloomer in terms of story line. Around the first half, it tends to follow standard action shounen formula but it kinda starts maturing in the latter half. (Then again, I’m saying this from one who reads the manga but the anime has always been faithful to it so far, which is actually rather impressive despite the bloody fillers.)

The unique thing about that is he’s actually not the main character. Maka is and I love how she and Soul have a relationship that deviates from what you’d normally find in the mainstream. :stuck_out_tongue:


On Elfen Lied, I’ll just say this.

Moe-style + Gore = Horrid, horrible mix.

Eeeep, my post was meant to say that Soul Eaters GOT a nice atmosphere, not that it’s not a nice one… Ooops… No, have to correct that: I love Soul Eaters atmosphere, the world they live in, etc. It just makes me smile.

Anywho, yeah, I know the little blue haired freak isn’t the main character, he’s just the sad little blemish that made me stop watching the series. xD
Although I love Maka, Soul, Kid, Stein… A few others I can’t recall the names of… Most the cast I found very enjoyable… I just sorta got to a few episodes that were Black Star centric, and I couldn’t keep watching, nor could I skip over them to get to episodes I cared about, since I was worried something important would come up in the Black Star centric episode. Gonna try and pick up the manga sometime, though.

Aaaaaas for Naruto… Late bloomer or not, I just never have seen the point in something if it takes over a hundred episodes and way too many vols of manga to get to the interesting bits. I’ve just never been a fan of shonen, really… I prefer seinen, since it often seems to know where it’s going from the start of the story, as opposed to mainstream action shonen, where the story line just goes in circles and gets lost. D:

And as for Code Geass, I found it a lot more entertaining than any Gundam series, and more than just a war tragedy. I just Code Geass did hit some bumps in the middle of season two, but I loved the ending of it. And the first season was overall good.

There are no fillers in the manga. Every arc is strongly connected with the next. The beauty of it all though is you can skip the fillers in the anime and you’ll hardly miss anything canon. Here’s a good tip, don’t watch anything in the anime that happens after Sasuke’s departure. Head straight for Shippuden. Believe me, you will do yourself a huge favor. :smiley:

Personally, the only thing you can ever miss out in the Naruto fillers are funny omakes and certain what-if scenarios you’d think that’d only pop out in fanfiction.

I guess I just have chronic dislike for war tragedies (or just plain tragedy in general). When I watch a series, I always try to familiarize with the characters. It’s just kinda sad when in the next episode WAM, BANG, BOOM, they’re dead. Not only are they dead, they’re killed off in the most quick yet dramatic fashion. It’s like it has reached a point with me that when I see someone watching something that’s along the lines of Gundam or Evangelion, I’m instantly asking, "Okay, did somebody die yet? >>" Sorry but I just have a hard time appreciating any story that plans on killing off at least two to three of the main cast compared to how much I appreciate the mainstream stuff. ><;;

One Piece is wacky piece of anime. I loved it because it always managed to surprise me with it twists. I mean where do the author get their ideas of worldbuilding? :smiley: I also like shounen animes that have consistent rules in their world, “powers” are explained very well and the protaganist don’t rely on brute force to win and instead use cleverness or ingenuity. If you compure Luffy and general rubberman heroes (Lastikman, Mr. Fantastic, etc.), you can really see the difference in how the creators can think of different ways to utilize the ‘boring’ ability to be able to stretch. That’s why I love Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure manga for a reason :slight_smile:

Definitely recommended.

Alright, I think I will give One Piece a shot after all, thanks!

Not going to continue with Elfen Lied. Just looks like a silly anime to me. Giving Trigun a shot tonight and seeing if I like it! Heard good things. Also going to watch the first Ghost in the Shell movie.

As for One Piece. It really is an amazing anime that gets better and better. I had to sit through the first 20 episodes - because I knew that it was going to get better. But I am so glad I stuck with it. It turned out to be a very very good anime. It’s got loveable characters and unique storylines. The fillers aren’t that bad and things aren’t just “fight, power up, defeat” when it comes to enemies.

I really liked Trigun the anime. Never got around to the original manga but hope to one day. Also, I heard that the author of Trigun, Yasuhiro Nightow, is Catholic.

There’s a new anime called “kids on the slope” that is catholic. It has relgious vocations in it, the rosary, and some catholic values, 3 of the main characters are practicing catholics. I think its a first of many Catholic animes to come in the future.

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