Question for Catholics concerning the prophecy


If your College of High Cardinals KNEW that there are only a couple popes to go before Peter The Roman comes along to be martyred and the great Apocolypse begins then why on earth did they pick someone so old to be Pope? Why not pick a younger man so as to make history and the earth last a bit longer?


The “prophecy” you refer to has nothing to do with the teachings of the Church. It’s an alleged private revelation that not too many people take seriously to begin with.


If your referring to the prophecy of Saint Malachy and the succession of Popes, the I don’t think it has been verified if they are true or not, if anyone has a link to their genuineness, then please send me a link.


the apocolypse is going to start soon?:confused: where did you hear this???


St. Malachi said so many many moons ago.
There is a website somewhere which has the prophecy but I don’t remember the link.


The “prophecy” is most likely a fake. The Church puts no stock in it. It did not surface until St. Malachy had been dead for 400 years. None of St. Malachy’s several biographers (most of whom knew him well) mention anything about it.

Read all about it here.

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I thought that the Holy Spirit chooses the Popes through the College of Cardinals.


Calm down…easy now…take a few deep breaths…

The cardinals read the Bible. They have read that only God The Father knows the day and time of the Last Judgement.

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I admit to having had the same thought, but, shouldn’t we be looking forward to the end; instead of trying to postpone it by a few years?


Rebecca hits on the point.

Even IF, (very big if), the prophecy were true, we believe that the Holy Spirit lead to the election. Therefore it must be God’s will IF the world were to end so soon.

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The end of times will get around to every one of us in the next 1, 20, 30 or 60 years.
it happens when we die for sure.
so all the stuff on the apocolyptic end of the world… meh.

i could get slammed by a bus tomorrow, have a massive heart attack after tonights pierogi dinner, or i could die in battle fighting the antichrist with judo in 3 weeks.
… none of us are getting out alive.


Revelation provided a direct window on the world of Roman Asia Minor.
Rather than one unfolding event, Revelation presents three interrelated tellings of the story of Jesus. One does not lead to the other; their relatedness depends more on common themes and characters than on continuous action. Let’s consider the question of the common characters. John is the only character that persists by name through all three stories, and even his characterization varies from scene to scene. He appears as a scribe in scene one, as a heavenly traveler in scene two, and as a prophet in scene three. These function together to give us a rather full characterization of John. Jesus appears in all three stories, but under radically different images: majestic human, lamb, divine warrior
modern narrative theory to the Apocalypse represents a basic paradigm shift.The application of narrative theories to the Apocalypse re-invents this ancient work. It elicits experiences and insights that are interesting to those of us who live in a world where horses drop out the sky and where the end of history can be expected

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A couple of things. First, the experts say that the prophecies of Saint Malachi are fake – indeed, there’s evidence to prove that the experts are right.

The writings surfaced centuries after Malachi had already died; and the prophecies lose their uncanny accuracies after the time the writings were made public.

What it looks like is that someone wrote a bunch of sayings about popes and attributed them to a saint from centuries before, with good explanations of popes who had already come and gone, but vague explanations for popes who had not yet come to pass.

The intrigue of it all is like Nostradamus. There are a bunch of really vague sayings that can be applied to a lot of stuff.

Here’s an idea for an experiment. Take the prophecies, jumble them up so they won’t be in order, and see if they apply to different popes.

And with Papal elections, we believe that God chooses the popes. The Cardinals elect, but God chose. It would therefore be a sin for the Cardinals to choose someone else to be pope.

If Jesus Himself didn’t know the day or the hour when He’d return, we can be sure no other human knows, even if the human is Saint Malachi.


At every Mass, at the elevation of the Chalice, I pray for the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary (Fatima) and for the Eucharistic Reign of Christ (when all Christians will be united once more).

The earth will remain but the ‘time’ we live in will end. Hopefully, we will then live in a time that gives glory to God instead of the outrages, offences and blasphemies He is given now.

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