Question for Catholics from Greece, are there any here?


I’m trying to find someone who is from Greece by origin and is Catholic? I would like to ask a few questions about the Bible, specifically how they could explain that the Catholics from Greece (if there are any at all?) view the papacy based on the Bible? Why do the Catholics from Greece understand the papacy differently that the Greek Orthodox? I would like to see what the actual Greek language says that both see it differently? :shrug:
I would really like an answer from someone who is Greek and is Catholic.

Also, I spoke to my Greek Orthodox friend about the language used in the Greek Bible describing the Jesus’s brothers. My friend said that the Bible of course means Jesus’s cousins, because this is the word that meant brothers and cousins as well. The majority of protestant Christians say that these were actual Jesus’s brothers but I was wondering what the Catholics from Greece would say about this? I’m interested in the actual Greek language here.

I’ve no idea whether there are any Catholics in Greece at all as the majority of Greece must be Orthodox!

Many thanks:)

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