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Catholics,if the Lord grants you the Gift of Himself and His Grace through Holy Communion at your Catholic Church,do you believe it innapropiate or out of place for an Orthodox Priest to stand in your way to deny you the Gift of Christ once again through the sacrament of Holy Communion performed at an Orthodox Church?

If Christ doesn’t deny you the fullness of Himself and His Grace in the Holy Communion at Rome ,why would he allow an Orthodox Priest to come between you and Himself at say Moscow or Constantinople?

Is the Orthodox Priest distributing an different form of the Lord Jesus which requires different preparation?

A form that differs from the Lord Jesus in the Chalice at Rome?

Yes, we believe it to be “innapropiate”, but respect their decision in their Church. We however would welcome an Orthodox Christian to receive Holy Communion in a Latin or Eastern Catholic Church especially when they have no Orthodox Church available to them.

Thanks Br.,why do you think they make those decisions in their Church?(of not giving the Euch to Cath.)

Usually it’s political or cultural, my contacts with Orthodox clergy have been good, and I have been invited a few times to worship with them and receive if I wanted.

Dont most Orthodox Priests expect you to be an Orthodox Christian(Bapt/Chrism Orth) to be able to recieve it from them?

Would that be a Spiritual or a Faith issue of whether your Baptised/Confirmed or not,
Baptised indeed or not at all?

In general, the Orthodox do not believe that Catholics are part of the Church, in much the same way Catholics do not believe Protestants are not part of the Church.

The reasons they do not allow Catholics to receive are much the same as the reason Catholics do not allow Protestants to receive.

It is just as if I asked, as an Anglican - since I receive the Sacrament in my own Church, and God has seen fit to extend me that Grace, why should a Catholic priest stand in the way of me in a Catholic Church? The Catholic would say that God has not really given me the Sacrament in my own Church at all, and it isn’t really a Church in any case.

Keep in mind that although Catholics allow the Orthodox to receive under certain circumstances, no Orthodox person who understood the rules would. It would mean ceasing to be Orthodox, because it would mean recognizing the Catholic sacraments as valid. (though the term valid is perhaps a more Western usage in this context.)

This is a post from 2005.

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