Question for converts to Catholicism about sacraments


Probably not. I’m not entirely sold on going to a Catholic church myself, though. I’m just glad I’ve gotten her to join me in a church that has a more robust sacramentality (even if incomplete) and has weekly communion.


I don’t think I could honestly go to a church that doesn’t practice weekly communion or various other sacraments. It seems like most protestant churches don’t bother with that and I can’t help but think they’re missing something important.


They absolutely are. They reduce Christianity to a purely spiritual exercise. But we’re physical beings, and Christ gave us physical means of grace because we need both physical and spiritual nourishment.


Even though I currently can’t receive communion because I was never baptized, that’s something I do want to partake in because I feel like it’s so important. I do appreciate receiving a blessing in the meantime, because I think is juts as important for someone who can’t receive communion.


I last regularly attended an Episcopal Church in 1968. I saw where their baby steps were going. I went elsewhere. Have been to one wedding, and one funeral (different folks) in a TEC church since then.


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