Question for CVs and those under private vows

So, I’ve been in discussion with my SD over making private vows, including chastity. I’m happy with all the big ticket ‘theological’, spiritual and personal issues involved, but I have some minor questions over which my SD would be :shrug:

I just want to clarify that these are NOT in any way shaping my decision, they’re just little things about which I wonder. I’m going to make the vows either way and these are not something I’m overly concerned about, just curious.

So, for anyone who is a Consecrated Virgin or has taken a private vow of chastity, how do you feel about your personal appearance? Things like leg waxing, toenail painting, eyebrow shaping, the underwear you choose and so on. These are matters which, when I was married, I mostly assumed were for my husband’s benefit, and before I was married I was not particularly given to introspection so I just sort of did them because every woman did.

Now I’m not sure who it’s for. I don’t like the idea of e.g. not waxing my legs, even though I know no one else is going to see them. And I like to wear pretty underwear (still modest). But I worry a bit that these are things which are done in order to be sexually attractive to a spouse or potential spouse, which is not where my life is headed and I wouldn’t want to give anyone else mixed messages about that.

Do you think it’s possible to do these sort of things just for one’s own comfort? Assuming I’m not wasting money on things I can’t afford, and in the context that I am pretty low maintenance as women go so I tend not to wear any make up except for special occasions (like, maybe twice a year max.), I don’t style my hair etc. so I’m not thinking of OTT beauty treatments. I’m still not sure if it’s just vanity to want to paint my nails and so on.

Any thoughts?

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