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**Does Mary, the mother of Jesus, play a role in the salvation of mankind? why AND WHAT DOES THE ccc HAVE TO SAY ?



Catechism of the Catholic Church
*Mary in the economy of salvation
Annunciation, 484, *490

  •    assent, *[*148*]("")*, *[*490*]("")*, *[*494*]("")
  •    Assumption, *[*966*]("")
  •    conception by the Holy Spirit, *[*437*]("")*, *[*456*]("")*, *[*484-86*]("")*, *[*495*]("")*, *[*723*]("")
  •    the Immaculate Conception, *[*490-93*]("")
  •    mediatrix of grace, *[*969*]("")
  •    predestination of, *[*488-89*]("")*, *[*508*]("")
  •    preserved from sin, *[*411*]("")
  •    virginity, *[*496-98*]("")*, *[*502-07*]("")
  •    visitation to Elizabeth as God's visitation to His people, *[*717*]("")
  •    works of the Holy Spirit, *[*721-26*]("")


The way I am told she participated in a way no else could by giving birth to Christ. Or, I guess another way to say it is that she gave birth to the Godman so that He could one day die for our sins. Just my two cents.

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