Question for dog owners?

To be more accurate never leave food without supervision if there is a beagle within 50km.



There are other reasons to not leave them unsupervised. I could write a book.

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I’ve heard that beagles chew anything. My former supervisor (retired now) had a beagle, and it ate a whole jar (plastic) of vaseline jelly. Eugh! It was quite the mess.

Mine ate my leather sofa.

Oh, wow. How awful…and how funny, too. I hope your dog was OK.

We had tossed him a treat before we went out for a while. He was playing with the treat by tossing it in the air and it slid under our sofa. He tried to dig it out, and even pushed the sofa out from behind trying to get to it. We came home to a very guilty face.

You know that warming drawer at the bottom of electric ranges where everyone keeps pans? We had a beagle who could open that drawer to sniff for any crumbs.


Wow, beagles are smart! No wonder Snoopy is a beagle!


:flushed::face_with_hand_over_mouth::scream: Oh my.


That’s pretty bad. My dog used to chew my sandals but nothing like this. He’s a chihuahua btw

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