Question for DWs about SI swimsuit issue


Would it bother you if your DH looked at (read?) the SI swimsuit issue?

This evolved from this thread:

Same answer as with the VS show, I’d go from confused to giggling. DH HATES sports, has never read a sports magazine in his life :smiley:

I know he’d be “lookin for feet”. DH is an artist, he keeps his life drawing skills sharp but has trouble finding feet to draw (mine are not exactly standard issue you know).

When dh had a subscription to SI, I would throw the swimsuit issue away as i walked past the outside can. Dh knew I did that and never said a word.

But if he had read it (or if he had watch the VS fashion show), yes I would have had a fit.

Same answer I gave on the VSFS thread. :smiley:

Yes, I would be uncomfortable with it, but so would DH, so I guess my discomfort wouldn’t really matter. I am thankful to have a husband who is sensitive to this kind of thing.

No…it wouldn’t bother me…

Yes, but once again DH would probably throw the issue out or ask me to do it once it came in the mail :).

We get Sports Illustrated in my house. The Swimsuit issue goes from my mailbox directly to the trash. My husband knows I do this and it’s not a problem.

Nope, not at all.

This is a different question, but kind of along the same line: Could the SI swimsuit issue be considered a form of pornography? I have always wondered that. I admit to looking at the magazine a few times in my early 20’s out of curiosity–to see what was considered sexy/attractive in women by our culture. The photos made me feel inferior, so I would probably be offended if my husband pored over the issue. Now, if he flipped through it for a few moments and then put it down, I probably would be okay with that.


This is a different question, but kind of along the same line: Could the SI swimsuit issue be considered a form of pornography?

What else is it if it’s not pornography? Women’s bodies objectified in order to exploit men’s sexuality? Yes, that is pornography and nothing less.

Would I have a problem with hubby looking at it? If I am a wife that cares about my husbands soul (which is my job as a wife) then of course.

It’s not just “considered a form of pornography”, it IS pornography.

Think about it…what do women in swimsuits have to do with baseball, football, basketball, hockey, soccer, tennis, or any of the other sports that SI covers? I would guess that almost all readers of SI are men, and men aren’t the ones who are buying and wearing women’s swimsuits!

If it isn’t pornography, then what is it, and what purpose does it serve?

For those who contend that the swimsuit issue is just “art”: I’ll believe you when SI starts publishing issues with paintings by Picasso, Vincent van Gogh, and other famous artists…

Can I ask a question real quick…what on EARTH is a DH?

Dear Husband :slight_smile:

It would depend on my dh’s reaction to the issue. If he drooled all over the issue, yes, I would be highly offended. If he simply flipped through the issue and didn’t dwell on the models then I wouldn’t be offended.

oh…well that’s something new. Does everyone do that now?

You know, I didn’t realize this, but DH informed me of something yesterday while we were discussing this. (By the way, side note - I love Catholic Answers because it makes great conversation topics for DH and I in our long car rides :slight_smile: )

Anyway, he told me his brother subscribes to SI and you have the choice of receiving the swimsuit issue or not…so his brother doesn’t get the swimsuit issue and there’s never been a problem. He’s not married yet or even dating anyone, but that’s such a wise and great decision and I’m sure his future wife would be thankful. :slight_smile:

Not a problem. My husband used to get the SI delivered monthly…and the swimsuit issue came, and I ended up reading it…:smiley: But, my husband and I have looked through those, and have had fun commenting on who was pretty…who was eh. I don’t think that looking at beautiful women or handsome men should cause your marriage to turn on its ear.:shrug:

This is actually kind of humorous!

I read several posts in which wives said they threw away the swimsuit issue immediately after it arrived in the mail. Do they think they are eliminating all provocative images of other women by this act? Do their husbands not see the bra ads for Macy’s advertised almost daily in the newspapers (which can be equally as visually stimulating as the swimsuit pictures)? How about billboards, magazines at the checkout at the grocery store, and tv commercials? Thoughts, ladies?

My husband has the hots for Giada DiLaurentiis, the food network chef. We don’t have the station at home, but he does see it when we’re at my mom’s house, so it’s not all the time. Part of me is not exactly thrilled about this, but for some reason, another part thinks it’s cute. I think it’s a sign that my husband is a normal male. If no beautiful woman could get his attention, then I think I’d have a bigger problem.

Designated Hitter, as in “just wait until your father gets home!” Also a baseball term sometimes mentioned in non-swimsuit issues of Sports Illustrated.

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