Question for DWs on TV


Would it bother you if your DH watched the VS Fashion Show that was on CBS last night?

It woudn’t bother me…But hubby went to sleep early and I watched it with my daughter.

Oh yeah! I’d have had a fit to beat the band, and if he insisted on watching anyway we’d have ever-growing problems.

I’m surprised at this response. A husband watching something like the VS “fashion” show would be an objective case of infidelity. Our Lord says that all those who even look at a woman lustfully have committed adultery in their hearts. For any normal man to watch such a degrading display would be at the very least a near occasion of sin, and, by that fact, a mortal sin itself. I find it quite unfortunate that this person allowed her daughter to watch something which turns women into objects of lustful men’s desires. Parents have a duty before God to raise their children in the grace of God. This is a grave neglect of that duty.

It would have bothered me if he had, yes.

Bothered me, no - I’d have fallen over in the floor laughing. DH is very picky about TV and loathes everything on network television. On the rare occasions I watch anything on the Big Three networks, he will go outside and read.

We curled up on the sofa and watched The Elephant Man on AMC.

Yikes!! Girls have such a struggle these days, just to find decent yet pretty clothes. Were you watching to show her how NOT to dress?

In my opinion, someone in a covenental marriage should try to avoid these types of things. I think looking outside this relationship for sexual stimulation only leads to problems for the marriage. I speak from experience.

I’ve never seen the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, but based on the window posters they have in their stores, I would have to say that yes, I would be uncomfortable if my husband watched the show. My husband would be uncomfortable, too, I think, since when I find pretty undergarments online, he just takes my word for it and doesn’t want to see the actual photo of the model.

I assume the show focuses on their lingerie and not their clothing line (like sweaters and jeans), right?

Yes, definitely.

I am recently divorced. When I was married, I think my answer would have been that it wouldn’t have bothered me. I think I would have thought that my husband could have been looking at something like that and thinking about what he would like to get for me. I think I have had a big awakening though, after finding out that he had always been into pornography, and realizing how that contributed greatly to the problems in my marriage. I think I would not underestimate the power of that, and while if I was to marry again, I wouldn’t necessarily be “jealous” that my husband was watching such a show, I wouldn’t be happy because I would be concerned for his soul. I think there is no need to play with fire like that.

Yes, for sure it would bother me!
But my DH isn’t one to watch that sort of thing.

He’d probably taunt me with the IDEA of watching it (“Oooh I’ve gotta watch THAT!”)… probing for a reaction from me :eek: … which I’d definitely oblige him with. :smiley:
But that’s all in good humorous marital banter.:stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

Until I read this we didn’t even know it was on. I checked the listings, at the time it was on we were saying family prayers…

Gotta love it!

After posting on this thread before I sent an email to my DH at work asking him the score of the hockey game he was watching last night. I threw in (as a joke) “and how much of the VS “fashion” show did you watch during commercials?” His reply was:

[FONT=Arial]“Ha ha ha. The Leafs won 3-1 and I didn’t even know that [the VS show] was on last night until this morning. Darn.”[/FONT]

It was very entertaining. We like to watch fashion shows. Actually Victoria’s Secret has a very good line of bras. Both my daughter and I have difficulty getting bras to fit us well since we are, shall we say, well endowed. The saleswomen at VS take the time to measure and fit their customers and find the right bra for both comfort and fit and a bit of fashion, which is hard to find for large busted women. The fashion show was all about the underwear not their line of clothing. I don’t think it should hve been on CBS, maybe on a cable network. It was interesting to find out that many of the VS models are involved in charitable work. My son was coming in and out while it was on (he is 26) and he found it laughable and not at all sexy.

oh, were you asking, how did that brick get in the TV?
no DH knows better than to even consider it. for years he destroyed the SI swimsuit issue before it even came into the house. he has his faults but thankfully, that is not one of them.

As someone who has a heck of time finding bras that fit, I’ve found VS to be a bad value, they are poorly made… yet to buy one that did not pop an underwire. They price like a low end “better” bra, but, do not wear as well.

That being said, undergarments are meant to be that - undergarments. Not something one would be wearing sans cover while prancing about on television. Sets such a wrong message for young women -

Yes, it would bother me since we don’t have TV. I’d have been up all night wondering how that was even possible :smiley:

I am going to make the SI question a separate thread.

:rolleyes: Who says he is looking for sexual stimulation? My husband is a connoisseur of ARTISTIC nudes and has a pretty good collection of Renaissance ones on our computer. I have seen a very few Playboy photos done to the quality that could be considered an artistic nude. (Most of them are gross… don’t get me wrong.) He likes Olivia de Bernardiis art (not all of it) and Boris Vallejo. I have bought him calendars with both. If he watched the VS show, of course I would tease him about checkin’ out all the hotties, but honestly, if he watched it, it would be because he is interested in fashion design. Not as a career or anything, but he has an amateur interest. He loves to watch Project Runway with me and often critiques the clothes. I used to get up in the morning to find him watching extended coverage of fashion shows on CNN. For some reason, they would do in depth segments on them, and he always liked to watch. He draws designs for outfits, swimsuits, and lingerie, then shows them to me and says, “I’m gonna make this for you.” (He sews… I am a disaster at it.)

Now, he is human, and I am sure that looking at gorgeous women in fancy underwear would not be unpleasant for him. But why would it bother me? It’s not like he can touch them through the screen, and I am absolutely certain that I am the only woman he wants. Most likely, he would talk about how the girls were “scary skinny.” He hates that. He would not be seeking, or getting, sexual gratification from the TV. Just the act of seeing someone who is scantily clad or even naked does not necessarily imply the seeking of sexual gratification.

Why are some people so afraid of the human body? :shrug: If my daughters saw that show, or part of it, I would say something like, “Wow, pretty underwear, huh? Someday you can buy that and wear it for your husband.” I doubt it would damage them any more than the times when we go by Frederick’s of Hollywood in the mall and their dad points out things I should buy in the window. (meaning… not at all)

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