Question for Guys: Do you prefer girls wearing their hair up or down?


In light of other discussions of people’s appearances, I have a question that is mainly geared towards guys. Do you prefer a girl to wear her hair up (meaning in a ponytail etc) or down? and why?


I like hair down, longer if possible.
Why? Beats me.


It depends on . . . . . well, . . . . a lot of things. What her face looks like, the hair style, the hair color, etc.


Down. And wearing flats too.


I’m going to answer for my husband, if that’s okay. :slight_smile: He likes my hair up. I usually style it in a simple bun or ponytail, and he always compliments me on it.


Either. Just don’t cut it very short.


That’s exactly what my husband says too!


Yup… don’t particularly care for short hair… like it long… shoulders or a bit longer.

As far as up or down… well I like it up for a casual, perky, sporty kinda look and I like it down for a more sophisticated, glamorous (or even sexy) look.

I think the thing is to not keep it one way day after day after day. Change it up (or down).
I’m not saying you have to spend an hour every day doing your hair… just throw it into a ponytail with a t-shirt and shorts or sweats or let it down, brush it out and curl the ends a little to give it a bounce and call it good. I like it both ways.





Personally, I’m not a big fan of ponytails. I prefer longer hair, but not flat, if that makes sense.


*My dh likes it both ways…prefers longer hair on me, but has liked my shorter styles. I’m growing my hair out now, and I can wear it up again. :slight_smile: I missed it. :o *


I prefer hairdos that leave the ears of the woman uncovered. It gives me the impression that they are available to listen to what I have to say.


Werewolves need not apply. :smiley:


You’re silly. :smiley: You know what I mean…! :stuck_out_tongue: Growing it LONGER…there, that’s better english. :rotfl:


Someone has taken his funny pills today. :rotfl: I’ve heard it all now! :smiley:


Too funny… I’ve been contemplating getting my hair cut for a while (appointment is TONIGHT!)…

It’s currently rather layered and the longest in the back goes down between my shoulder blades… I was wanting to cut it shorter, but I thinking I may go for “medium” right at/below my shoulders, just to even out the layers a bit…

It’s HARD maintaining girl hair!.. Especially with 3 young kids and getting off to work myself… I have about 5-10 minutes to get myself “done up”, and that usually involves stopping every few seconds to get the 14-month-old princess out of my makeup bag. :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:


No joke!!

I used to keep my hair hip-length, but a few months ago, my husband cut it to halfway between my shoulders and mid-back. He loves it this length. I’m getting used to it… It’s definitely easier to take care of! It probably looks a lot better, too, since I’m so short. Extra-long hair probably made me look shorter. :o

My husband likes my hair either down with the ends curled, or up away from my face (in a ponytail, large claw clip, or sloppy 'do; but not a bun). I think he likes it best up, because it shows off my face, neck, and collarbone. I’m very petite, so having hair away from my face takes the attention off my hair.


Wow, your hair has grown! I bet it’s pretty. I have layers also,but I’m growing it out from that shorter “posh” look I had last year. To tell you the truth, having longer hair takes less time than shorter! I am at that middle stage, and I had to get the curling iron out today–:rolleyes: I liked your hair length in the pic you posted a while back. :thumbsup:


Your dh cut your hair? Is he any good? :smiley:


This reminds me of when I was about 10 and went to see my great grandma in the nursing home she was in, she was about 95 at the time. I had very long hair then, about small of my back length, and had it up in a french braid. Well when I walked in her room she was aghast that I had my hair up and my neck and collarbone showing. This to her was a hairstyle only for a mature lady, certainly not appropriate for a young girl!!

She gave my mom a talking to about that one! Funny, how things change. I doubt any of us would hesitate to let our girls wear their hair up.:shrug:

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