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I am not looking for an argument here but understanding.

I am in a discussion with a JW concerning the Holy Spirit. As a Catholic I beleive that the HS is within me and leads me in the way of Christ. She tells me that in Witness teaching the HS is within people who have declared themselves anointed (saints) and have the hope of ruling with Jesus in heaven and people with the HS on them have a hope of living on earth at the end of the world. To me this means that the Witness teach 2 classes of people that are to be saved: those going to heaven (upper,my word) and those staying on earth.(lower,my word) I don’t think that God has different classes of saints.
How do they decided whether they are anointed or not? Is it a feeling they have? Does God speak to them? Maybe God has a different plan than the one they choose for themselves.

Are there bible verses that specifically state what they teach? Is this their interpretation of certain bible verses?


What you should do first of all is establish the personhood of the Holy Spirit. This is recommended by Senior Apologist Jimmy Akin. Jehovah’s Witnesses have many canned replies to deny the divinity of Christ and so forth, but your friend may not know what to say when you tell her that the Holy Spirit is a person.

Actually we have discussed this. She likens God’s HS as a streak of lightening. When I tell her that I believe I am filled with the HS she asks me if I beleive that a person is inside of me. I answer her that it is the Spirit of God that is with in me then she says that it is God’s power and round and round we go.

I am sure there is a better answer for her question than the one I came up with but I don’t know it.

Thanks for your response.

In regards to the “2 classes of saints” issue, in a discussion I once had with a Jehovah’s Witness, they said that the 144,000 who go to Heaven are the ones who will rule and lead the ones who are in “paradise on earth”. They believe that because we don’t all need to be rulers, aiming for the paradise on earth with the righteous is just as good as Heaven. Hopefully a Jehovah’s Witness can clarify these teachings.

I had hopes that our JW friends would help us out here.

Logically, Delson are you around?

So there is no Witness out there who can clarify this for me? Maybe the Witnesses don’t know where this teaching comes from and are just following what the Watchtower says?
Maybe a Witness would want to question the Governing Body on this subject so they would know the answer also? Aren’t you curious where this teaching came from? Because I don’t think it is scriptural.

God Bless

Hi Wayntec.

I hardly ever log on to CAF anymore, so is a coincidence I saw your post. Wow, you have some excellent questions there! :wink:

A key example of the two different groups of those approved by God is Revelation chapter 7. The first few verses deal with “144,000” select ones. (who clearly have a* heavenly *hope - refer their description in Rev 14:3)

Then from Rev 7:9 we read of another, far larger group - a “Great Crowd” (also approved of by God) This is the same tribulation on* Earth* that Jesus describes in Matthew 24:21. This great crowd come through it!

I fear these passages may raise more questions than it answers at first glance. :o

Here are some links to where you can get JWs official teaching on this subject.
They are complete with many Biblical links so you can check God’s word on the subject.

First: “What is the Holy Spirit?”[search_id]=685cd761-ec41-4db2-865a-de11709caa7c&insight[search_result_index]=0

And the second is from our Bible study aid: “What does the Bible really teach?”
Particularly paragraphs 16-21 because it discusses the two classes. Those with a “heavenly” hope and an “earthly” hope.

I hope there is some useful info there for what you are asking. Apologies if I have just confused the subject! :slight_smile:

All the best with your research!



Thanks for taking the time to respond. No you didn’t confuse the subject. Now at least I know where the Witnesses are coming from.

God Bless

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