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How does shunning your parents show respect for them and honor them?


Its well known in the Christian communityu that a JW would do well to leave that “church” and become a true Christian.

However, your rhetorical question doesn’t hold much water. Their teaching on shunning their parents is akin to how a Christian would shun the teachings of their pagan, scientologist, etc parents. Honoring does not mean equal submissive or accepting.


having been one of their best for 34 years (not now thank goodness!) I can tell you how it is justified. they honor their parents and anyone else disfellowshipped in a punitive way–hoping their ‘discipline’ will recall the erring one back to their senses to repent and return. They feel it is the last expression of love they can give.
love is totally twisted for JWs. you can’t begin to understand them by applying how normal people understand or feel things. They feel that the disfellowshipped one is the one who is unloving and dishonoring the others by choosing to follow a selfish path and separating themselves from the congregation.



Welcome OUT of the BORG.


I don’t think you’ll find many Jehovah’s Witnesses here as they aren’t allowed to discuss any other faith or study other faiths. They have to stick to the Watchtower script or will slip down that slippery slope to truth.:wink:


Actually, any Jehovah’s Witness here would be committing a “mortal” sin (to borrow some Catholic terminology). This site would be “partaking at the table of demons”. Articles about other faiths and interfaith discussions are “spiritual porngraphy”. Reading sites like this is on a basic level “apostate”, and could result in being disfellowshiped, or more likely reproved or sheparding call. If somoene is here representing themselves as a Witness, then they are in the very least not following counsel from the Governing Body.

Anyway, I thought I’d post some quotes here:

From when a “Love One Leaves Jehovah”:

Respect Jehovah’s Arrangement for Discipline. If your loved one has received discipline from the congregation, remember this is part of Jehovah’s arrangement and is in the best interests of all, including the wrongdoer…

Most of the literature will follow the general theme of someone getting disfellowshipped (excommunicated/shunned), then the friends/family/mother/daughter/whatever cutting them off, and then their being reinstated (reaccepted).


Ugh… that quote you used above reminds me of when a JW lady sent that article to my DH when he was DF’d. It made me so mad because they assume that if you have done something against JW beliefs you’re going against God and you will not be saved if you don’t become a part of their congregation again (despite of repenting). I’m just glad I am a Catholic who knows I have the Sacrament of Reconciliation and the Eucharist (along with repenting) this way I know my mind is at peace.

Going back to the OP, as Ravin said, that’s exactly what it is, the parent would be the one who was selfish and disrespectful. My MIL was DF’d for not letting go of her Catholic/other Christian family members. DH was speaking badly about her to me and I was so angry. I asked him how he’s honoring his mother by being this way. His answer to me was “I have to honor Jehovah God before anyone else and she decided to go against Jehovah, so how can I respect her when she has disrespected God?” :confused: How horrible!


As a former JW that was raised in the life style and then left, I am shunned by my parents. It has been very difficult to deal with. I have not seen my parents in about 25 years. One of the hardest parts I have is living out my faith by showing honor to my parents who shun me because I will not confess their particular ideas as ultimate “Truth.” How do I honor those that shun me and revile my faith (which I consider the True Faith). I struggle with it. I have sporadic e-mails with my father; we cannot discuss anything of merit or value. He is like a stranger at a bus stop that I can’t even say, “God bless you” to. He is stranger than a stranger to me, yet I am commanded to honor him. How do I do that? I only know how not to dishonor him, but that isn’t honoring.

Oh no I’ve said too much; I haven’t said enough. That’s me in the corner …:shrug:


Just pray and pray so they too come to realize one day the JWs aren’t the Truth… God will call them home


Picture This:

A young man walks in as his father is beating up his mother. He could try to honor his mother by trying to subdue his father, but that wouldn’t be honoring his father. He could do nothing, and be dishonoring his mother.


Or he could put his old man’s wee-wee in the dirt and be a hero on all accounts.


Which ever way gets them on ‘COPS’ the fastest.:smiley:


sometimes you gotta lose your religion to find God.

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