Question For Jw

The WTS claims it uses the Bible as it’s “supreme authority”. Where in the Bible does anyone count their time in preaching on a slip of paper and are assigned record cards of activity, determining this as a “gauge to their spirituality”? Where in the Bible are Pioneers, Auxiliary Pioneers, Bethelites, and Kingdom Halls? Where in the Bible does it say that anyone born after 1935 can not go to heaven, that Christians are required to attend five meetings a week, that men are prohibited from wearing beards, and **that after a prophecy fails, if the prophet admits he made a mistake, he is no longer a false prophet (see Deut 18:20-22)? Where does the Bible say that a person must belong to an organization that will start in the late 19th century and be headquartered in **

no where.

:thumbsup: Well said - they don’t have that anywhere on the bible…

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