Question for married couples


How often do you guys perform the marital act? I’m single so I have no clue as to what a “good” number is. If you guys don’t want to answer, I understand.


I performed the marital act one time. It was in front of a judge and on a hot July afternoon and all my family and friends were there. :rolleyes:


Why are you asking?


:bigyikes: :bigyikes: :bigyikes: :rotfl: :rotfl:

Boy, are you BRAVE!!!

(Got any wedding pictures??):wink:


A good number is however many times you & your wife are comfortable with. there is no right or wrong answer or "good " nnumber.


I would agree with JohnnyK. It really is what you and your spouse would be comfortable with. I don’t think I asked that question before I got married, so I have no idea what the “normal” amount is. :slight_smile: However, each couple is different and unique, so that is something you should discuss with your spouse which will help you communicate :).


While I’m ok with people asking questions and stuff, I hardly think it is appropriate for anyone to discuss their personal and private sexual practices within their marriage on a public forum. It is sacred and private, and not for public consumption.

Speaking hypothetically is not the same thing, but when it gets to personal details and practices, I think that is just totally inappropriate.

But then again, I’m a bit of a prude. :smiley:



Are you teeling me that you grabbed some “Afternoon Delight” in front of God and everybody? Why was a Judge their? Did he give you a score or something? Did your friends cheer for you?


Quality always over quantity!

To think there is a good number will put undue pressure on yourself and on your spouse.


soliciting private information is banned by forum rules


I to do not understand why the question exists. If you search the web you can find studies on sexual practices. The facts are actually difficult to understand. If a person answers you their answer is nearly worthless because of the compeling reason. So if you have a more specific question you may want to try again

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