Question for member FAITH 101 about Christ as God thread

I addressed some questions to you in this thread and someone else also asked you to address my questions, which you neglected to do.

It was this thread:

Posts #54, #69, #72, #77

Please answer them, or any other muslim. Thank you.

Peace Franz

A post with my name in it! :smiley:

I went through the posts, one was quotes about Jesus and God and the other one was by Fatuma and then another one by i think Exoflare. Maybe i’m doing this wrong, but i didnt really see a question.

Can you please rephrase the question here. Thanks!

Hi Faith 101,

Here is what I posted in that thread post #54:

We also have 2000 years of historic witness to the truth. Here is only the first 200 years after Christ. My question is, what is the earliest testimony that you can produce (Faith 101) that teaches otherwise? Where were all the Muslims during this time period? Or did they all start with Muhammed? So besides all the scripture that can be produced and argued till kingdom come, here are real life examples of the constant faith preserved for 2000 years. Was this some crazy idea? Jesus being God? By the way, Faith101, keep searching this sight and asking questions in the manner you are. You are very respectful and a joy to read. Do not let some (like USCATHOLIC) scare you off with his judgemental approaches. Catholics work in love.

****I then provided witness to this truth of 200 years after Christ’s death with numerous citations.

Here is post #72 (by someone else):

Faith 101, POST #69 I addressed to you to answer, please do. Thanks. I see you have posted on other threads. I know that as a muslim, this isn’t the easiest to comprehend, and does require to a degree the gift of faith which our Heavenly father has been so gracious to give understanding that we could never fully comprehend God.

It’s good that you are here though, that to me is encouraging enough. You are charitable in your posts, peace be with you.

Here is Post #77:

Originally Posted by FuzzyBunny116
Is there really a point in debating this? Muslims will argue that the Bible has been corrupted, so even if we could prove Jesus thought himself God in the NT, they wouldn’t accept it anyway.

Which was entirely my point in listing the 200 years worth of Chrisitian testimony to the truth, which Faith 101 will not address, or is otherwise checking some resources prior to addressing. My whole point is that there was no “bible” as we have it today, or as existed in 400 A.D. Where were the Muslims during this time? Who were they? Where is their historic account?

I’m still waiting.

Well I just got up, so I’m tired, and I;m not Faith101, so forgive me.

I noticed your question:

Where were the muslims at that time? All of the followers of Jesus at that time were Muslims.

That is the muslim perspective on whatever people are following the last prophet of the time (Hebrews following Moses were Muslims, etc)

So, referring back to that thread where I listed 200 years of witness, the muslims were the early church? Because that is who the followers of Jesus were, and they all understood Jesus to be God.


how about any muslim, care to answer these questions???

Somehow I didn’t think Faith101 would take the challenge.

hey Franz…the reason you won’t get an answer, is because there isn’t an adequate answer out there.

Hey there Franz,

I’m afraid it’s not true that ALL early Christians believed that Jesus (PBUH) was God. As the Qur’an attests, history confirms that beliefs about Jesus (PBUH) in the immediate aftermath of his earthly life were all colors of the rainbow, and that there were genuine followers of Jesus (PBUH) as God’s messenger, according to the Muslim understanding, thus making them true believers according to Islam (mu’mineen), and thus practically Muslims, if not technically (since Islam as a named faith did not exist prior to Muhammad (PBUH)).

In his book “Lost Christianities”, the scholar Bart Ehrman details some of the many Christian sects that existed in first century Palestine. The sect that eventually beat out all others, the one that became what is today orthodox Christianity, is Pauline Christianity.

But among these several competing groups, the most notable one for our purposes were the Ebionites, who were some of the earliest Jewish followers of Jesus (PBUH): they followed him as the Messiah and a miracle-working messenger of God, but rejected claims to his divinity, and when Paul came to them in Jerusalem preaching his “gospel”, they kicked him out of the Jerusalem Church, headed by James (who they claimed as their leader), as an apostate and a blasphemer who had perverted the true message of Christ (PBUH) (this should be a very interesting fact to you, since you follow Paul as an authentic interpreter of Jesus (PBUH) and he authored most of the books of the New Testament).

I wrote about the Ebionites extensively in this post, and should your interest in this subject ever move beyond passing intrigue, I invite you to read it, as well as this page.

So your outrageously underinformed claims that no early followers of Jesus (PBUH) ever differed about him is just that: it has no basis in fact. And I would further object to saying that nobody with Muslim beliefs (or somewhat close to them) about Jesus (PBUH) ever existed among his early followers. The Ebionites were the earliest Jerusalem Church: you just don’t get any closer to Jesus (PBUH) in either geography or time. And the more I read about them, the more I am convinced that the true followers of Jesus (PBUH) as the Qur’an attests of their existence, dwelt among them.

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