Question for Michael O'Brien fans

I have read Father Elijah and am currently reading Strangers and Sojourners. I am confused as to which one to read next. Michael O’Brien himself, on his website, recommends reading Eclipse of the Sun second, and Plague Journal third. Amazon says the same thing in their product descriptions. However, several of the reviewers on Amazon recommend Plague Journal second, before Eclipse, because that is more chronological.

I love O’Brien’s books and plan to read them all, but I want to read them in the best order. Any advice from those who have read them all would be appreciated!

And for those who are unfamiliar with O’Brien’s books, but are looking for good Catholic fiction, you should definitely try him out.

I think to read Plague Journal right after Strangers and Sojourners would spoil the surprises of Eclipse of the Sun. I enjoy jumps in chronology, though — I tend to think anything that artfully adds a bit of in media res adds to the initial enjoyment of the book.

Truth be told, anyway, I can’t get through Plague Journal. It’s insufferably parallel like Ender’s Shadow or Wicked.

I enjoy reading things in chronological order (well, I guess with the exception of the Chronicles of Narnia, which I read in publication order, not the silly way they have the books numbered now :o), so I read “Plague Journal” before reading “Eclipse of the Sun.” I was glad I did it that way.

It’s been 10 years since I read them, so I can’t remember the specifics about why I was glad, but I do remember not regretting my decision. :o

Eclipse of the Sun is by far my favorite O’Brien book. It is phenomenal. IMO, Strangers and Sojourners and Plague Journal point towards and lead to Eclipse of the Sun. To me, it was the culmination that made reading the other two books worth it.

Happy reading! :slight_smile:

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