Question for Mormon/LDS only.

Which parts of this video below are true, and wich ones are false, just wondering, because I have family that is Mormon, and I want to know what they REALLY believe, not what people THINK they believe. (BTW sorry in advance if the link doesn’t work for you.)

I’m no longer LDS, but I WAS born and raised LDS. I never did any of the temple ceremonies aside from baptisms for the dead, so if there’s anything in the video that came from the temple ceremony I don’t have firsthand experience of it.

I’ll list them as I watch the film:

1.I’m not so sure about the endless celestial sex part.
2. The “meeting” was between God and all of his spirit children, not the other Gods. However the bit about Lucifer going against God and 1/3 of all of the spirit children becoming demons is true.
3. The explanation of the neutral spirits being born with “black skin” was a pretty common belief, but you won’t find it talked about like that anymore.
4. The whole “starbase Kolob” thing is just propaganda. God lives NEAR Kolob, not ON Kolob.
5. They DO believe that God physically impregnated Mary, but even the LDS people aren’t sure exactly HOW it happened. Even they probably don’t think he knocked on her door and made “business time” eyebrows at her :wink:
6. They’re VERY quiet about the whole Jesus taking wives thing, but it IS a belief. It’s just not addressed often as far as I know.
7. Of course, a member of the LDS church would say that Joseph Smith wasn’t a treasure seeker or a storyteller, and that the doctrines he set forth were divinely inspired.
8. If I recall correctly, JS didn’t say he did more for any other man (Including Christ), Brigham Young said that ABOUT Joseph Smith.
9. Mormons don’t believe that Joseph Smith made any sort of sacrifice for us with his martyrdom. It was just a sad occurrence.

Aside from the biased language the narrator used and the things I pointed out, the rest of the video is pretty much spot on.

As a former Smithite myself, I agree with SpeSalvi’s assesment. I can tell you that the Mormons on this board, if they’ll respond will tell you to check with the offical mormon websites. They also will not directly answer, straight, tough, and honest questions that rock the very core of Mormon beliefs.

I’m guessing this is that animated video…I have also wondered which parts they believed in. I didn’t put much stock in the video because it was obviously made by someone trying to “debunk” Mormonism. Of course, I don’t believe in Mormonism either, but I don’t know what to trust from a video that clearly has an agenda.

I’ve spoken with Ed Decker(Founder of "Saints Alive"who produced this animated “gem”) a few times, and had subscribed to his newsletter. He is a very, bitter, ex-mormon who goes out of his way to ridicule. His is unfortunatly a poor Christian witness. He needs to IMHO come to Jesus, repent of his hatred, and start anew.

Actually, Joseph DID say he had done more to keep the Church going than even Jesus.

King Follett discourse, at the height of his megalomania.

:(I hope he finds peace.

I was not going to post here as the title of the thread is “Question for Monrmon/LDS only” but after vieiwng the threads so far doesnyone else find it a little strange that the only responses are from non-Mormons? :hmmm:

Not really. There aren’t exactly a ton of Mormons on this forum. Perhaps the OP would have better luck posting this on a Mormon forum.

Actually, most of the responses are from former Mormons. Big difference from simply “non-Mormons”

Yet the question is for “Momons/LDS only”. If you aren’t Mormon, then you are non-Mormon. While I would agree that former Mormons are in a different category I would not want a thread directed to “Catholics only” to be resonded to by ex-Catholics with an axe to grind. Just saying… Not a big deal anyway. Since ParkerD has been banned, I don’t see a lot of responses coming to this thread if it is limited to Mormons/LDS only. It limits the dialogue to Mormons and the OP - not a good idea for a “forum”.

(former Mormon here)

Some of it accurately states the LDS belief system, some of it twists its.

My thought. Like other have said, Ed Decker is known for is profound bitterness and anti-Mormon rhetoric. I wouldnt listen to anything coming from him. He bitterness and hatred has twisted something within him.

It’s former Mormons like he that make present day Mormons stereotype former Mormons like me.

Not all former Mormons are twisted with anger and hate and bitterness.

(One example–This cartoon says that early Mormon teaching was that Elohim came down to earth with one of his spirit wives and became Adam and Eve. I dont know if early Mormon leaders taught that or not. What present day teaching is that Adam was actually Michael, as in Michael the archangel, and Eve, one of Elohim’s spirit daughters)

Eve, one of Elohim’s spirit daughters)

Where is that teaching to be found?

I don’t have an axe to grind :slight_smile: I remember watching this film when I was LDS and would have typed just about the same thing then as I did now. I think offering an LDS perspective to those that are trying to understand what/how they believe is ultimately constructive.
In fact, if they didn’t understand the LDS point of view FROM an LDS point of view, how on earth could you engage an LDS person in a debate without totally turning them off from listening?

While I don’t believe what the LDS church teaches any more, I DO try to present their beliefs in an unbiased way. The people on these forums are perfectly capable of making their own judgments on the teachings of the LDS church without my skewing or perverting them.

YOu have to understand…ALL of us, according to LDS teaching, are spirit sons and daughters of Elohim.

That includes Adam (Michael) Eve, you, me, Jesus (Jehovah), Satan (Lucifer), on and on and on…

As I said before, I have no idea what early Mormon leadership taught though as the years have gone by many teachings have indeed changed.

Can I point to exactly where is what? No, not really, but things like the Journal of Discourses covers much of 19th century teaching. Teachings from the 20th century leadership is found in general conference addresses and messages in the Ensign (official publication of the LDS church for adults)

Thank you for the clarification. According to my research, Adam is a god. If so, then Eve must be a goddess. Which leads to Heavenly Mother (Goddess in heaven), which was never clarified, is now denied. However, it is a logical progression.

Of course, we are in a sense children of God, since He was our Creator. I just don’t get how that leads to condemnation of the descendants of those who opposed the founders of Mormonism??? :smiley:

You are almost channeling Parker. :smiley:

I cant say that I have heard it taught that Eve was a goddess.

But to be fair and as I have stated before , Im not all that up on the 19th century teachings. :slight_smile:

Never stated overtly, but it has a logical flow from Adam-God. However that is a conflict with their patriarchal culture.

I am concentrating on nineteenth century teachings, because that is the cultural heritage of multi-generation TBM’s-- the hard-core Brighamite royalty. Many still follow it. The others naively follow them-- in order to keep their TR’s.

I wasn’t trying to imply that you did have an axe to grind. I find the former-Mormon posters on this forum to be extremely helpful and for the most part very unbiased. But then I am a Catholic and biased in my own right. I obviously have not communicated very effectively. I find the restriction implicit in the title of this thread to be not very helpful in inviting discussion. That is all I really meant to say and in fairness if the OP really did not want input from those who are not now Mormon then that would include, in my opinion, former Mormons. It would also include me. Obviously, it really makes no difference at this point.

Sorry for the confusion.

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