Question for Muslims

How do you feel about Ayatollah Khomeini’s Fatwa and order of execution aghinst Salman Rushdie?

Pointless saber rattling and old news…

Honestly, I don’t give any weight to anything the Ayatollah Khomeini says. None whatsoever.

And like Jimbo said… it’s kind of old news. At the same time it shows a real lack of confidence in the truth of Islam and unnecessary fear.

Khomeini --> Shia
Sister Amy --> Sunni

have sunni’s ever listened to a shia ayatollah? :shrug:

Rather an unfair question, I would have thought.

Like my own religion, Islam has no one ‘leader’ whose judgment one has to accept. If some ‘not-very-well’ rabbi says something, people who find him intellectually important may agree with him, the rest of us will just think he’s ‘not-very-well’ and be a bit embarrassed. It’s not like the problem a ‘not-very-well’ pope would be! :stuck_out_tongue:

So, the best you might get, given a little religious solidarity in a hostile environment, might be: “Well, err.”

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