Question for my Protestant brothers/sisters

First I would like to say may the Spirit of God dwell in your hearts.

Nonetheless, I was just curious to know if your particular Christian tradition (Lutheran,Anglican,Methodist,Baptists,etc) has ever invited a Roman Catholic priest or from an Eastern Rite or even an Orthodox priest to speak at your one of your services or perhaps at separate location? Not so much give a sermon/homily but to explain our beliefs?


Not in my current parish, but I think it would be a wonderful idea. There seems so much we agree on, particularly with the recent attacks on both our communions by the current (in)justice department, and the HHS mandate.


EDIT: Thought I’d add that if Pope Benedict can do it…

My meeting has had various religious leaders from various faith traditions to speak in our “Adult First Day School”. We’ve had a Catholic priest, Muslim cleric, Buddhist monk, Wiccan high priestess, and a hand full of other Protestant ministers to share in First Day School.

Not that I remember. It’s a good idea though.

Not at my church, by the same token would a Catholic priest invite a Lutheran pastor or theologian to speak at his church to explain Lutheran beliefs and doctrine?

Not during actual church service, of course, but it’s been known to happen. Usually shows up in a church bulletin.

I’ve only been in my Anglican Parish for two years. I don’t recall a particular time when a Catholic or Orthodox Priest came to our Church; but due to health problems, I miss many things.

From time to time, our Rector quotes Catholic and Orthodox authors and Popes in sermons and classes. He leans heavily towards Catholicism with elements of Orthodoxy. It is not uncommon for him to use Orthodox prayers.


Yes. I’m in England and there is an excellent Churches Together program. We (CofE) recently hosted members of the nearby Catholic and Methodist churches at which the Catholic priest gave the homily. Some points of Catholic doctrine were touched upon. During Lent we attended the Catholic church for Stations. (Also during Lent, the Catholic church went to Stations at an ultra-high CofE church!).

I attend two churches. The Baptist church I attend would probably NEVER consider such an action. Which is very sad, since they have misrepresented the teaching of the Catholic Church in the past. The Anglican church that I attend once a month, I could see them doing that.

While I can’t speak for all Lutherans, we in the ELCA are active in ecumenical dialogue with the Catholic Church. In terms of participating in worship, several years ago Cardinal McCarrick was the homilist at the annual Reformation service in Washington, DC.

In my current synod (Northwestern Ohio), we have a covenant with the Diocese of Toledo to encourage dialog and sharing of the Word. Practically, most interaction occurs at the synod/diocese level.

I’ve been trying to decide if the Baptist church I used to go to would consider having a series of lectures, not sermons, on different faiths. I think it would help if they had one where a priest could go and explain the teachings of the church and how they directly relate to scripture and why we have Sacred Traditions.

Not address the whole congragation, but i have spoken to priest to get an understanding of theire faith. I guess to answer the question a little better i woudl not let a priest (or the equivalent of one) of any other faith stand in the pulpit and address my church.

My previous faith tradition would only setup debates, which usually turned out to be ambushes and a charades (e.g., a game), making fun of the particular tradition they were debating about. I’ve seen them do it on public universities against scientists supporting evolution too. I do know a few that do not support this activity, but they are not in the graces of their in laws that refuse to interact with them now. We’re Catholic now and are also on their list of “the lost and forsaken.” However, it was quite remarkable that they did rotate preachers in town on the 5th Sunday. Many of them rarely support each other.

We’ve not had a Catholic pastor speak on a Sunday, no. Our pastors meet weekly with other church leaders in our town to pray, though, and our Movement has always worked hard to honour and keep good relations with other Christian communities.

A group of our leaders from the UK did go to Rome once, and met a Jesuit priest there. He preached to them, and they were greatly blessed by his ministry. (I know that because it’s been spoken about at our UK national conference.)

I suppose we could ask the question back. Do Catholic parishes invite speakers from other traditions to explain their beliefs?

Generally, I think there is not enough understanding between diffrrnt Christian groups, and I think we should share more. It’s the only way we can achieve the unity Jesus prayed for amongst His followers.

Well we are in name Protestant but we are making our way to joining the Catholic Church so we don’t think of ourselves as Protestant anymore.
But, when we do attend with my dad-he is a Congregational Christian minister-and I have gone there for 26 years and never in that time has a priest been invited. My dad is anti-Catholic and many of the people are too. They speak in ignorance of the true Catholic faith and it is wearing on my husband and myself. It seems like every time we are in Sunday School (twice a month) something comes up about Catholicism and it is inaccurate. But they also don’t want to hear the truth.
I think it is very sad and we truly want to see the walls come down and the church united.

Thanks for everyone’s replies. Just curious about it.

We’ve been at our church (Southern Baptist) for about a year, and no, it’s never been mentioned. That said, our pastor also doesn’t slam or deride Catholics.

He will say, at baptisms and communion, that we don’t believe as some others do (and that’s how he phrases it) that they impart any special graces or are salvific. Other than those times, I’ve never heard him, or anyone, say anything negative about other Christian beliefs.

I do know that at one point when our church was being built (back in the 30/40s I think) they were gifted the use of the Presbyterian church for services at certain times of the month. This is mentioned in our history notes.

We’ve also hosted the community worship service, with attendance by local Presby’s, COG’s, Methodists, and various other Christian groups. Even had speakers that were not Baptist. Shared a choir (awesome!) ect. But nothing with Catholics. Yet, anyway.

I think it would be a great idea, not during services, but maybe as a weekend event. Have lunch, fellowship and discussion. I’d be there!

Believe me that this is not to harangue you at all, but can you see in your own post yet another recomendation for the Roman Catholic Church; yes, there is so much that we agree on so we must agree by belief, which is faith. It must be the same faith that you have, but as you point out that we are both in stark objection to the HHS mandate, you cannot really have confidence that all of your communions are united, since many of them, most notably the UCC are not opposed to HSS. But we have Solidarity on Morality and the role of the Pope in Rome cannot be undervalued in this current crissis facing the true church.

What do you mean by the bolded? How is the UCC one of my communions, other than the fact that, they too, are Christian (which makes them one of your communions, too)?


Some people are very sensitive about the idea and it is understandable. I can see where one can get upset about the idea.

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