Question for non catholic christians, and non christian religions e.g muslims, jews, hindus, sikhs etc

Hi everybody may god bless you all and may you have a great day

My question is for non catholic christians, and people from non christian religion e.g muslims, jews, hindus, sikhs etc

Do you have ewtn tv channel? Have you ever watched it? What did you think of it?

I discovered my parents have access to it, but I don’t have access to it myself much. I watched it a few times because of my interest in Catholicism. I found it to be a pleasant change from most Christian programming, much more toned down and less in-your-face than TBN. The overall quality varies greatly from show to show. I saw this one cooking/devotional show that was IMHO just on this side of utterly ridiculous. But most of the shows that I have seen are good.

Have it. Enjoy it.

I find most of what I watch to be well done and to present good Christian thought. It beats most all else that appears on TV in terms of religious programming.

Don’t watch it much other than an occasional program my DVR picked up, usually on Church history.

I use it to watch the Pope’s holiday masses during Holy Week and also Christmas. I also like to have it on if I am up early enough to watch a mass or the Chaplet of the Divine Mercy I think it is called…

I like some of the Eastern programming. They aired a documentary on Christianity in Iraq a little while ago where they visited the monastery of Mar Behnam; that was very interesting. They don’t show enough of that stuff, though, and always at odd hours (I only saw the Iraqi documentary because I set my alarm to wake up in time to watch it). I also remember enjoying some of Fr. Mitch Pacwa’s programming, but I haven’t seen him on recently. Then again, I don’t watch EWTN regularly.

We don’t have cable, though the EWTN is available as a free channel on our Roku player. I don’t know if the Roku programming matches the cable TV listings. Once or twice a year, I think my husband might watch something there (he’s RC). Personally, I don’t have a lot of time to sit & watch anything of any genre! I usually keep Ancient Faith Radio streaming in the background during the day.



I’m like this. I don’t watch any TV at all anymore—probably like KnitNut, I’d rather be doing some art or craft instead of sitting still in front of a TV screen.

I’ve never seen EWTN, but then I also didn’t watch other religious programming either when I did watch television.

I have seen it a few times.

I enjoyed a program once about Pope John Paul. it was some time ago, but it was interesting.

I also watched a part of some kind of news show that aired on that network, I think the commentator’s name was Arroyo or some such.

I wasn’t impressed. The “news” was terribly slanted and opinion was much more prevalent than objective reporting.

Of course, that is par for the course with TV news these days and, as a former reporter, I may be somewhat more critical than others may be.



Love the old Mother Angelica shows.

I found EWTN three years ago, when I moved in with my boyfriend during grad school. My mother and I had converted to Judaism when I was a teen. She had been everything from Evangelical Christian to Wiccan. I had married into a Seventh-day Adventist family and later became Buddhist.

Mother Angelica’s show was on when I was flipping channels. I thought, “Oh, a nun. How often do you see that?” It was a religious show that talked about compassion and wasn’t some Bible-banging, asking-for-money, sweaty white guy. I thought I was going to cry listening to her.

About a week later, a psychiatric client I worked with told me she was converting to Catholicism based upon seeing EWTN. We talked. Seeds were planted.

As a nonChristian with a huge chip on her should about Christianity, I loved EWTN. And still do! :slight_smile:

Yes we have it. We love it! Our favorites are the classic episodes of Mother Angelica, Life on the Rock, The Journey Home, The Daily Mass, and the one on Sunday nights (I believe) with the older gentleman. I can’t think of his name.

I’ve watched EWTN, along with other religious programming, and I’ll admit that much of it just baffles me completely.

I love those shows too,

Non-Catholic Christian here.

I check in on EWTN from time to time. I usually find it very boring, but I keep hoping for the occasional exception.

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