Question for non Christians.....

What makes you happy?

In other words…if you aren’t worshipping God…what do you worship?

I worship deities, in the plural.

As for what makes me happy (in no particular order): a good book, good food, writing, spending time with my family, playing with my dog, a warm, sunny day, that point when I’d come home from a long day at school and just relax, and most recently, blogging, among other things.

I’m a Catholic, but I’ve been down the road of non-belief, so…

The same types of things that make most others happy. Moral integrity, love, relationships/friendship, accomplishment, kind deeds, possessions, acts (pleasurable sex/pleasurable food and drink/sleep/etc.)

In other words…if you aren’t worshipping God…what do you worship?

What does the word “worship” mean to you? I suppose it would depend on that. This is a word whose meaning is not often discussed.

I worship nothing. I respect many things though. There is no need to worship to be happy.

Those are two different questions.

What makes me happy - a job well done, watching my daughter play. Cooking, creating art.

What do I worship? Nothing.

I worship G-d 3 times a day, every day. I say a blessing before and after I eat or drink anything, after I go to the bathroom, see a rainbow or lightning, hear thunder, even when I see a close friend that I haven’t seen in a long time.

And a multitude of others as well.

We say 100 blessings a day or more- every day.

And many things make me happy: Good times with my family and/or friends- and “me-time”, doing what I believe is right, a job well-done; especially if it is difficult, etc.

Jews aren’t Christians and are probably worshipping G’d a lot more than we do!

Edit: was quoting the first post right away without reading the rest of the thread and just saw that YKohen already responded :slight_smile:

When I was an atheist I worshiped nothing :slight_smile:

As an agnostic, I still find it hard to worship. But this is just apart of the process. Baby steps.

Things that make me happy: My family, friends, pets, free time, good food, etc…
Just finding joy in the little things. :smiley:

  1. Ceasing to do evil.
  2. Doing good.
  3. Meditating.

In other words…if you aren’t worshipping God…what do you worship?

I don’t worship anything: gods or whatever. Buddhism does not require worship of anything. It sets out a path for you to follow. Following the path leads to peace, happiness and nirvana.


I’ve noticed a lot of agnostics and atheists who worship themselves. They think there can’t possibly be anything more intelligent than they are.

Severe hubris.

I don’t think they have to “worship” something to be happy, depending on the use of the word. You can certainly feel happy enough while not being linked to a religion.

I’d appreciate it… if you’d steer clear of my threads. Thanks.

hey, now! I was perfectly polite. :slight_smile: But, certainly. I will not bother you, and if you want, I’ll delete my post. :smiley:

I RESPECT the Gods, i don’t worship them. this is a horribly worded question

and what makes me happy? A clear day, the wind in my hair, the thrill of the hunt, the subtle ebb and flow of life… College Football!

This is absolute nonsense.

I don’t personally know any atheists. but I know some new age people.
They seem to belive that God is everything and everyone, so they worship themselves in effect.

What makes me happy?

Many things: gardening, walking in the desert, hiking in the mountains, train travel.

As a Unitarian Universalist, I don’t worship a god. I believe there is a source of all that exists.

We all came from it and we shall all return to it, regardless of whether you call it a god, the sprit of life, nature, or whatever.

Since that spirit of life is in each of us, worship is not spending a lot of time mumbling words, but in acting.

When we help others, try to make the world a better place than we found it, try to protect the circle of life, we are worshipping.



Since your a Pagan how do you think this Man named Jesus performed so many miracles and than still get crucified and come back alive on the 3rd day

I don’t know what you mean by worship in this instance. Perhaps you can explain.
I would also like to know where you have “noticed” or met lots of agnostics and atheists. Perhaps knowing how you formed you opinion would help me understand what you mean.

I know several atheists and agnostics personally and non of them worship themselves the way Christians worship God. None of them consider themselves extraordinarily intelligent so I don’t know what you mean by that either.

Please excuse so many questions but I am easily confused.

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