Question for only Christians

This is for everyone who accepts Jesus as our Lord and God. No matter what faith. Just be Christian.

Do you believe the devil exists today. Yes or No and Why?

Yes. Jesus had a “meeting” with him.


[quote=rinnie] This is for everyone who accepts Jesus as our Lord and God. No matter what faith. Just be Christian.

Do you believe the devil exists today. Yes or No and Why?

Yes I do. Why?

  1. Scripture tells us Satan exists…without a time limit.
  2. In this world, I really wonder how anyone could not believe.
  3. Personal experience.
  4. The saints have told us so.

St. Padre Pio said that if you could see all the demons in the world, they would blot out the sun. Pretty terrifying…isn’t it.

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Just look around. He prowls about the world seeking whom he may devour and the wake he leaves behind is quite evident.

My first reaction to your question is, how can one claim to be Christian and not believe in the devil?

Yes, Satan exists. Jesus was tempted by him in the desert.

Yes, because Christ said so, and his existence has been affirmed by the Church continuously from the time of Christ until today.

You would not believe how many Christians reject him. Even some Catholics:eek: believe it or not.

To the second question my answer is I don’t know.:shrug:


Yes, I believe Satan exists – in the words of the old children’s song: “Because the Bible tells me so” / Also Jesus specifically referred to Satan, as a real entity, even at the Last Supper in speaking to Peter.

Yes…there is a reason we ask St. Michael to defend us in battle.

Yes, as Jesus obviously believed he did; Scripture attests to Satan’s existence; and the Church teaches it.

I think the Pope alluded to this recently…

There are some priests who, when they read this Gospel passage, this and others, say: ‘But, Jesus healed a person with a mental illness’. They do not read this, no? It is true that at that time, they could confuse epilepsy with demonic possession; but it is also true that there was the devil! And we do not have the right to simplify the matter, as if to say: ‘All of these (people) were not possessed; they were mentally ill’. No! The presence of the devil is on the first page of the Bible, and the Bible ends as well with the presence of the devil, with the victory of God over the devil.”

And I guess those that believe everyone is going to Heaven (universalism?) probably do not think the devil exists.

Yes or >No and Why?<

Yes or No< and Why? :confused:

Just Kidding!

Anyway, Yes, I believe in the Devil, the Bible clearly reveals him,
in Genesis as the Serpent, in Job as the just plain awful pranks-
ter, in Zechariah as the accuser,in the Gospel as the Tempter of
Jesus , even in the Book of Revelation as the Great Red Dragon
and That Old Serpent, which brings us right back to Genesis, *In
the Beginning. *

He still wants us too, and works day and night, every minute of
every hour of every day of every week, and every month of every
year, just to take his hatred of God out on us since he can’t do
anything to win over God.

Maybe those who think everyone goes to Heaven, and they therefore do not need to please God need a lot of prayer, or they will certainly get a rude awakening after earthly death! Maybe they think Satan and his cohorts are alone in Hell, and can’t reach the earth at all? Just pick up a daily paper or watch the evening news for evidence of Satan active in the world! That alone would be proof enough for me! But since Jesus, the Bible and the Church teach that Hell is a real possibility and that Satan has some dominion on earth (& certainly some influence!), I believe it completely. I have no desire to fall under that one’s power, though I’m quite sure he has tempted me (sometimes quite successfully) more than once, I am now more aware of his powers of temptation, and run to Our Lord when he tries it!

I would be interested to know where the Christian concept of the devil comes from? I say this because I do not think it comes from Judaism.

To my knowledge the Jews had, and still do, have a very different understanding of Satan than Christians, and a different understanding of the term, ‘devil.’ It is recorded in Scripture Jesus said to the Pharisees, ‘You are from your father the devil.’ If the Jews by comparison to Christians had a different understanding of Satan and ‘devil,’ in that Satan and ‘devil’ are not the same thing to a 1st century Jew, what did Jews at the time perceive Jesus to mean?

I state this not because I think I have the answer, I state it because I do not know the answer.

Ditto :slight_smile:

Evil exists and is all around. Probably no pitch fork or horns, though. That’s more halloween folklore.

Yes, scripture tells us Satan exists, he confronted Christ and was rejected, and his influence is, quite plainly, evident in the world today.

Yes and we must remember where that first fall came from. The fall of some of the angels occurred before the fall of men. However this is we need never to be afraid of the devil and his gang of thugs. God for some reason still uses all of His creation and in particular these fallen angels to help serve His purpose. These fallen angels are not permitted by God to exercise their full freedom for they are restricted into certain parameters that gives them the freedom to tempt. There are other occasions that the devils are permitted to engage in but these occasions must have the permission of God. We see Job in the OT as an example of this extraordinary activity of the devil. I believe God uses the devils for His purpose and therefore in some strange paradox His will seems to be accomplished even through they have this activity directed towards us.

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