Question for Orthodox? About woman priest?

Is there a push amongst feminist in Orthodoxy to ordain female priest? The same way there is in the Catholic Church.

From what I’ve seen, it depends on the parish, and the location. Some parishes are totally and completely against the ordination of women (women included), and there are some more “modern” parishes, which believe that women should be ordained, but aren’t really pushing for it, if that makes sense. I believe it varies greatly between the types of Orthodox (e.g. Greek, Russian, etc.), but out of all the GO parishes I’ve been to, they seem to be strongly against it.

No. If there are any that think that way, then they are in the extreme minority.

I think the Orthodox will keep to male priests though opinion may vary among them. Woman priests are recent novelty and unchristian. Harsh that may sound, there is no precedence for a woman priest in Christendom.

There is always a push for this from someone, but it will not happen. They waste their time and energy. I find it difficult to believe this could happen in the Catholic Church either.

The only discussion I have heard is the possibility of ordaining women to the diaconate. There were female deacons in the ancient church but they filled a specific need which has no longer been an issue for centuries. That is as far as it will ever go if it even goes that far.

I don’t agree with women becoming Priests, either, and I apologize if my response sounded that way. Women aren’t meant to be Priests, and I wish more people would understand that.

No, I apologize. I did not refer to you. :slight_smile: I am sorry it gave the impression that way. I was only commenting on this issue. Since both the Orthodox and Catholic who have apostolic succession, I think they will keep to the Tradition of male priests regardless of what of the opinion of the people may be.

God bless.

Thanks for all the replies! I am definitely against woman in the Priesthood.I wondered what the situation was in the EO church after reading another thread on ordaining woman priest in the CC .

No. Through the calendar of martyrs and saints we know that some women in the early church were deacons, but never priests. It’s unheard of, just like a man can never naturally get pregnant.

You are right! Men cannot get pregnant . . . but my Dad received a bill years ago from a hospital charging him for . . . a baby’s delivery! :whistle: We laughed and tore the bill up. Then he received a collection letter demanding the money! :confused: He went to the hospital’s billing department with the bill and ID. He said the woman changed many colors :rotfl: He would not let me go with him! :frowning: Wish we had that bill! :rotfl:

Getting back on topic of women priest: No way! Jesus started it with men and it is to continue with men as Priests for many reasons. Jesus did know what He was doing!

I don’t have a link but Fr Ambrose posted a few years ago that St Brigid of Kildare was ordained to the priesthood. If I remember correctly, her bishop was drunk at the time.

yes, she was ordained a bishop. Her Abbey was know for their brewing skills, from what I understand, and they of course gave the weary traveler food and drink. Thus, there is no longer supposed to be intake of alcohol prior to an ordination :wink:

I was told that two women were ordained Orthodox deacons in Greece in the early 1900s. I still don’t know why there was no follow up to that. Anyone knows?

deaconesses are not unheard of. Rare, but not unheard of.

deaconesses are not unheard of. Rare, but not unheard of.

There isnt a movement, maybe a few rogue voices but orthodoxy is relatively unknown enough in the west for people not care whom is ordained.

The Deaconess is an ancient order. One can even find canons (I believe St. Basil has a canon, for example) which regulate at what age a woman is eligible to be ordained as a deaconess. They were employed to help with the baptisms of women (for reasons of modesty, in a time when the candidate for baptism was baptized nude), and later to help in women’s monasteries (in fact, the two ordinations which you reference are probably the ordinations of deaconesses performed by St. Nektarios at his monastery in Aegina). There is also some evidence that they were used to perform certain liturgical functions (but not the exact same liturgical functions of a male deacon), and that they may have communed as clergy after the deacons but before the sub-deacons.

the Orthodox Churches look aghast at any one worshiping who is not of their ethnicity (Greeks-Russiand et al) could not imagine them having female priests-

The Antiochan Orthodox appear to be the most welcoming- but only a :mad:little bit better-they are ethnic Churches and likely will remain so-not in this millenium will we see female Orthodox prests (=======

What an ignorant post.

Signed a member of the Orthodox Church of Scottish ethnicity.

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