Question For Protestants (if any are here)


Hi, i have a question for any protestants who browse these forms (if any). Why do you remain protestant?


I’m Protestant, but barely. After examining the Catholic arguments against faith alone & scripture alone, I now reject those two Protestant Solas. So I may not be Protestant for much longer…


Im continuing Anglican. I remain so because the only other acceptable option nearby is Catholic and I do not accept universal jurisdiction


I was raised in a very devout home. I can tell you that for my mother to ’ cross the tiber’ as you on this forum call it, would be trusting in man and not God due to your traditions, in her eyes. I have been questioning her about her beliefs as of late. I think she would be more inclined to make the leap of faith if she saw devout Catholics. We know several Catholics but it seems to the outsider they are more interested in their next bar hopping night than discussing our God. Protestants in this area are very active and alive in their faith here. While we do not want to judge each one in their journey it can be difficult to choose Catholicism over Protestant. You don’t see Catholics in every day Life being fishers of men.

Further why risk the chance? Why risk praying to Mary and the saints and risk sinning by worshipping ( as praying to is percieved) anyone but God? Why risk the chance of hell when praying to the dead? My mother has always said she avoids doing anything that may offend Him even if it is not clearly so. Better to err on the side of safety.

I on the other hand have been asking God to send me to his true church. I feel like I’m at war for my soul. I have been reading forum after forum. I enjoy the community here. The honesty. The respect.

I do not at all mean to offend by the frankness. I take it you wanted a straight answer.


Why is that


The Papacy, then?


One doesn’t need to pray to Mary or the saints if it makes you uncomfortable. That’s one of two things- the other being the Papacy- which seems to keep protestants from swimming to the other side.

Hopefully you’re open to discussing these issues with people who believe in those things.


On the flip side, wouldn’t you want to err on the side of safety and be in His True Church? You seem to recognize that the things you name are not the boogeyman they are portrayed as, so why does the fear remain?


There is much about the Catholic Church I admire and though I’ve learned much and have been convinced on a variety of topics there are a few I’m not convinced and they are important. All of them theological.

That’s one for me too though I’m still considering that issue.
I’m not fully convinced on the Catholic view of Baptism, Purgatory or the Intercession of the Saints. I might be forgetting a couple more.


There was another thread on this, but in some Masses there are prayers calling on Mary.


In the Litany, of course- but couldn’t one just bow their head and engage in silent prayer if it’s offensive to them?

I actually had personal devotions such as the Rosary and various chaplets in mind when I said this.


stop struggling

who cares what your mother thinks

you don’t even have to tell her

come home to mother church


I guess it’s because it’s all I know outside from what I’ve read up about other churches (I have been looking around for a different church; I recently visited an Ukrainian Orthodox and, a month before, an Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church just to see what they’re like); I’ve been considering changing denominations for a while


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i don’t know

“timidity” & fear of your mom’s opinions on your life decisions seem like poor reasons to fail to follow through on what your faith mind may be telling you


I thought it was Cardinal Humbertus who in 1054 laid the letter of excommunication on the altar of the Hagia Sophia and the Orthodox there strongly requested him not to do so.


Yes. …


I can reconcile Purgatory and invocation of saints, and Catholic Baptism is essentially the same as the beliefs in Lutheran and Anglican traditions.


The papacy of course goes right along with the traditions of men.

I am slowly overcoming my adversion having been attending mass. I tried an Episcopal Church as I viewed is as a bridge between the two and what I felt was a safer bet. That was an no go and God was quick to show me why.

My journey took a huge U-turn as God stoped my life in it’s tracks and demanded my attention. So I started with who is right then. You have so many churches with every interpretation under the sun. Who is teaching your Bible correctly. Who have you given the authority to do so.

I discovered recently in talks with her that she has no knowledge of church history. Or a distorted knowledge should I say. When I began really questioning her about the split or the Reformation. She responded oh you just mean the Catholic Church. I explained there were no others other than the orthodoxy which is essence are nearly the same.

With all due respect I care what my mother thinks because she loves God more than any other person I have ever met. She lives her life in constant prayer. She is determined to go home to our Father. Of course I’m going to need her advice. That doesn’t mean I agree with her on all points.

She walks in blind Faith that now I’m starting to pray for her soul which Ive never done before hahaha.

But keeping in with the theme of the original post. There are a lot more issues than just the obvious. Your crucifixes depict Jesus still on the cross. I was taught that he is no longer on the cross, he is risen. He should not still be depicted on the cross. He triumphed the grave.

I think there’s the warmth of the 'old time’religion that is not felt in the Catholic Church. The smiles and excitement that you came to church today. Very country and home grown. Family. Probably a by product of American culture.

Which leads to another huge selling point for protestantism, you feel good when you leave. Mom would talk about how she could feel the holy Spirit move. The church is alive. When they leave they felt like they became closer in their walk with God. The pastor would talk about how many churches were dead. There was no movement of the spirit.

While not all of these are my view points it’s just some of what Ive seen and been exposed to. I can see the appeal for sure although that is not the home Christ is pointing me to.

Happy Sunday.


I was brought up in a strict Protestant background during the troubles in Northern Ireland…for a lot of people, changing would mean whole families cutting off contact or extreme violence :frowning:

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