Question For Protestants (if any are here)


I only mentioned Luther in the sense of a common ancestor as with evolution. I think Baptists and Lutherans are still lumped together collectively as Protestants, however far apart they’ve evolved theologically.


That’s @JonNC and my point – he’s not a common ancestor. He’s a totally different plant in the forest of “Protestantism.”


Having difficulty understanding the canonization of anything other than the Bible itself, the view of Mary, saints, purgatory…


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What’s truly interesting is that charge was never part of my catechetical training, never even once mentioned in church or worship. It was never part of my religion classes in college. It seems I was “indoctrinated” by never hearing it.

That’s probably one way to put it…:sunglasses::rofl:

Now,with permission from you and Pablope, I will put my own words in my mouth. Universal jurisdiction, in my view has no basis in scripture or the early Church. Therefore, I believe that the Bishop of Rome has jurisdiction where other bishops remain in communion with him.

Well…I came across this about 2 weeks ago…it is an interesting portrayal of the early church…if you have time, please watch this…at the least from about the 12 minute mark to about the 22nd to 25th minute mark…

Dr. Marshner talks about the paintings or depictions of the early church…pre-Constantine and post-Constantine.

I found it interesting was that early church depictions of Peter had him being portrayed as Moses, first sitting on a rock, then later on a seat…and holding a book (from what I remember)…and the work Lex or Law on the book…and no other Apostle had been portrayed as such…

No basis…I think these portrayals are a window in how Peter was perceived…comparing him to Moses. :wink:


As I recall, Marshner was raised Lutheran. I’ll look, but depictions in art are not the same as canons from councils


Exactly! Well said! How can you attempt to suggest that Protestants, perhaps the pinnacle for ‘human division’, are all fully in communion with the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church?



Have you considered you are quite arrogant here?

Just a thought. I guess these things never get to you spontaneously but at least now I pointed it out???


There are tens of thousands of different Protestant denominations, all divided on what they confess to believe…and, that makes me arrogant? :thinking:


Even if there were a million!

Conduct does not depend on numbers!


Then, that would make me…more arrogant? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


If there ‘were a million’ different Protestant denominations, which one of the million would most closely resemble the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church?


You seem to ask this question a lot. Makes me think of another poster who asked a question for the past 15 years.

My dear poster. That question ASSUMES many things. That the church is a common understanding. When you get to that answer you will understand your arrogance in that post!



Do ad hominems make you feel better?


And by the same source, 250 something separate Catholic Churches.


Um, they all believe the same doctrine. Nice try, though.


[quote=“AugustTherese, post:194, topic:470141”]
Do ad hominems make you feel better?
[/quote]It wasn’t ad hominem. It accurately describes the apologia of your posts.


Yea I got to this source. Quite eye opening and confusing why Catholics would even touch this.


This is also something I see so many times. The Catholic can say sòoooooooooo many things but the Protestant gets bashed. Please refrain from this.


You called me arrogant. @JonNC called me a triumphalist. And, I merely pointed out the fact that Protestantism is divided. Hmmmmmm…:thinking:


Yup. Considering your posts here you should maybe take a look! They say hindsight is 20/20

And I refer to all you said before I said anything!

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